Cleaning Our Light Body – People We Don’t Like

Clearing The Light Body

One of the primary purposes of our training here on Earth is to learn how to manifest. Before we came to Earth we operated from innate intelligence or the Heart of God. As Co-Creator Gods we are learning how to make our dreams come true, so it’s extremely important that we understand the process of manifesting. One thing that prevents our dreams from manifesting is having Fears, doubts and low self-esteem in expecting the desired results of our visualization. Think of these Fears, Doubts and Low Self-esteem as Emotional Parasites on our Light Body, preventing our dreams from becoming a reality.   For our DREAMS to come true, each of us has to remove these Emotional Parasites from our Light Body, one by one. View this YouTube video To be successful in the application of this technique, it is extremely important to bring the Fear, Doubt and feeling of Low Self-esteem to surface in your Feeling Body.

The Emotional Parasite Prayer will remove all feelings unlike God from our Light Body immediately. This will take care of 99.9% of all feelings which are unlike God. We are introducing another technique to remove another segment of Emotional Parasites that sucks your energy and prevent you from becoming the Co-Creator God you are training to become.

The technique below will also work immediately, but it takes a little longer to get to the solution. The example below is a true experience in my life so I know the technique works. Also, I have demonstrated this technique in a classroom environment and received the same satisfying results from the participants.

I have been in training for the past 40 years and I am still a student of The Golden Ones, learning so these techniques are shared with all. Many years ago when I was working in the government I had the responsibility of training the younger personnel on the accounting staff. There was this new person from West Virginia who was assigned to me, his name was Roger. He was intelligent, clean-cut and very polite but there was something about Roger that I just didn’t care for. I pride myself in getting along with everyone as I have been taught by The Golden Ones, “NEVER allow anything outside of you to have dominion over you.”   So the fact that I didn’t like this person bothered me and I wanted to know why.

Of course this was a teaching by The Golden Ones which I fell prey to. So I examined what it was about Roger I didn’t like. I search my heart, I searched my mind, it wasn’t anything about the way he looked and I didn’t feel threaten by his good looks or being well educated. After search and seeking an answer, it was shown to me that what I didn’t like about Roger was he was abrupt.

Yes, ABRUPT!!! So when I found the reason why I didn’t care for Roger, The Golden Ones asked me if I have ever been abrupt. I searched my inner mind and of course I was shown where I’ve been abrupt several times. Then The Golden Ones asked me if it was OK for me to be abrupt. Since there are no sins in life, and all of life is a learning experience, of course it was OK for me to be abrupt, you learn through experiencing life. Then The Golden Ones asked me if it was OK for me to be abrupt, was it also OK for Roger to be abrupt. As soon as I agreed that it was OK for Roger to be abrupt, any animosity I had previously felt towards Roger disappeared.

Here is the healing message which we all can learn from this Healing Technique. Roger was reflecting back to me something I didn’t like about myself, being abrupt to other people. I wasn’t fully conscious of this feeling, but somewhere within me I knew I had to improve what I perceived to be a rude reaction on my part when being abrupt. This is how the Universe shows us our insecure feelings. Giving Roger permission to be abrupt was really giving myself permission to say it was Ok for me to be abrupt and this was a learning experience and not to be hard on ourselves.

Please use this same technique if you find there is someone in your life that you may dislike. I have used this technique on several occasions with the same results, Clearing The Light Body.