Preparation For NIBIRU

The below websites have some very interesting information regarding NIBIRU. No one knows the time or date of NIBIRU’s return; however, I think I am feeling the arrival might occur by next October, 2017, if not sooner. The main factor which is influencing my feelings are based on the 3rd Secret of Fatima. In the 3rd Secret of Fatima it indicated cataclysmic changes to the Earth affecting EVERYONE. In this video Art Bell, interviews Father Malachi Martin who has read the transcript in the Vatican but sworn to secrecy not to reveal specific details. However, Father Malachi Martin indicates it would occur within 20 years from the date of this interview, which was conducted  in 1997. The 100th anniversary of the Appearance of The Lady of Fatima to the children occurred in May 1917. This was the first appearance. The last appearance to the children occurred October 13, 1917.

Saint Malachy’s Prophecy regarding the last Pope, identifies the current Pope Francis as being the Last Pope of the Catholic Church. If he is the Last Pope, then what will happen to the Catholic Church in the coming months?

Nostradamus warned: Pope Francis would abdicate the Papacy, In this video, it references Nostradamus prediction regarding Pope Francis resigning from the Vatican when the second Sun (referring to NIBIRU) appears in the sky. Estimated time frame is the Pope’s third year.  The third year of Pope Francis reign will be 2017. 

Additional Videos for your review and understanding of this cataclysmic event which has happened several times in the past are below.  

ZETA TALK is a website, which I have found to have some very reliable information.  When you go to this website, you will understand where the information comes from.

Safe locations – Countries, Providences, Cities

The above link will take you to a website which will go into much specific details on the coming of NIBIRU then can be discussed here.


Iraqi Government admits NIBIRU and Anunnaki are REAL!!


NASA Can’t Deny NIBIRU Anymore!


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