Retrograde Mercury

Planet Mercury, the closest planet to the Sun, goes Retrograde every 88 days. Retrograde in the sense, Mercury’s path around the Sun, travels behind the Earth’s path based on comparison of Mercury’s elliptical path to Earth’s path.

Planet Mercury just recently went Retrograde on August 30, 2016 and will go direct on September 22, 2016. When Planet Mercury goes Retrograde certain things happen in your daily life. Since Mercury is the Planet of communication, you may see a delay in messages, miss communications, appointments missed or reschedule, lost emails, misunderstandings between individuals, a variety of mishaps relating to communications. Also, anything relating to communications may break, such as computers, trouble with cell phones, software updates, televisions and other communication devices. Also in general, things break down, need repair or disruption in your normal life/work routine.

When something breaks during Retrograde Mercury, fix it immediately during Retrograde Mercury. You will be guided to get the best permanent fix. NEVER start anything new during Retrograde Mercury if you have never had a previous notion to do so, don’t do it during Retrograde Mercury. For instance, never buy something during Retrograde Mercury if you have not had a previous intention to buy the item. If you do buy something without a previous intention, it will not last. It will break, will not work, and eventually it will be a lemon. This includes buying stocks or commodities. I do not care on how god of a deal it looks like, I have challenge Retrograde Mercury several times only to lose. Never do anything on a whim during Retrograde Mercury.

Now on the other hand, Retrograde Mercury is the BEST time to complete something. If you had a previous notion to buy something, it is a great time to complete a transaction, if you had a notion to do so previously before Mercury went Retrograde. I use to plan vacations previous to Retrograde Mercury to be completed during Retrograde Mercury and they turned out to be the best vacations. So planning something to previous to Mercury going Retrograde and knowing it will be completed during Retrograde Mercury will guarantee success, completing a previous notion. If I was searching for something, I would find it during Retrograde Mercury.

This includes dating, looking for a job, renting an apartment, buying a home, car –  NOTHING NEW during Retrograde Mercury unless you had a previous intention.

The Rule is:  Nothing new during Retrograde Mercury and a great time to complete a transaction planned before Retrograde Mercury.  Also, Retrograde Mercury might involved revisiting something that may not be working in your life.  Maybe a conversation needs to occur or reconsidering something that is not working PERFECTLY in your life.