Series 1 – Learning about NIBIRU

I want to share with you why NIBIRU is a focus in this newsletter.  After The Golden Ones came to me and channeled their teachings in March of 2013, I had to live their teachings.  In living their teachings, I eventually became aware I evolved and was living in the moment.  It was a subtle change, but it was brought to my attention I was no longer thinking about what will happen tomorrow or what happened yesterday, all I was thinking about was what was important for me now.   As I was living in the moment, I became more conscious of the thoughts and feelings in my body and mind, which made me even more conscious of the telepathic thoughts coming from Universal Mind.

At the time I was living in Bethesda, Maryland and I was guided to terminate my lease and be prepared to move. I was to do this to give me more flexibility in my financial spending. Since this made sense to be, I terminated by lease without hesitation. Next I was guided to sell all my personal belongings as it would be easier for me to relocate. In contemplating this, it made sense and I immediately sold all my belongings. Now I had nowhere to go and no belongings to be concerned about. With three days to go before moving out, I couldn’t find a suitable place to relocate due to lease requirements, location, down payment and other issues. So as much as I didn’t want to, I moved in with my son.

Less than a month later, I was guided to sell my car, get a Chinese VISA and move to China, which I did. I was led to believe, by my own perception, I would write the third book in the series HOW TO PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE – ADAVANCE VERSION. I was told by The Golden Ones over 35 years ago, I would never die. I would overcome physical death and live forever. Now I know I will lose some readers at this point of this story, as I thought the same thing when they told me this. My teachers went on to explain, there is no need to die and trust what they have told me.

About seven years ago while on travel in Florida for work as a government contractor supporting the Navy’s financial systems, I was in dream state and when I looked in the mirror  I was 30 years younger. I woke up remembering what they told me earlier about overcoming physical death. So being conscious of this, it is always on the back of my mind and actually it frees me from limited thinking regarding my health.  So now I am in China, believing I am going to write the ADVANCE VERSION of the book. So thinking as I am still aging what secrets are The Golden Ones going to give me which will reverse the aging process and regenerate the body. At this point of this story I will tell you I ALWAYS get what I ask for from the Universe. Being telepathic, which by the way is a gift that comes by living in the moment and paying attention to my thoughts and feelings, when I want something from the Universe, I just ask for it.

Now I don’t ask for a million dollars or anything to feed the ego, however all my needs are taken care of. So I keep asking the Universe, when will I learn about regenerating the body? When will the age reversing process take place in my body? I keep asking questions like this until I get the answers or the results I am seeking from the Universe. So I am lying in bed one night just ready to fall asleep and I get the message to call a friend in Ohio, but she wasn’t home. Now I am awake looking at my emails and my attention is brought to NIBIRU. This was mid-August 2014. I spent the next 8 hours, into the early hours of the morning researching NIBIRU.  What is NIBIRU?  What is the history of NIBIRU?  How often does it return to our solar system? What happens when it returns and what affects does it have on Earth?  Now I am realizing at this point why I was guided to come to China and I am understanding this is what The Golden Ones wanted to tell me, prepare me and share with all of you what is to come.

NIBIRU, Planet X or Planet 7X is the 10th planet of our solar system. In our Universe, there are billions of galaxies. Each galaxy has over billions of stars, each star being a sun, has several planets which orbits each sun. Most stars are bi-nary stars which means it is a two star solar system where the two stars orbit one another. Our solar system has a binary star and NIBIRU is part of the other star system, our sister star. Our sister star system orbits our star system approximately every 360 years. When NIBIRU returns approximately every 360 years, NIBIRU affects the gravitational orbits of all our planet in our solar system as well as affecting the weather patterns on all the planets. NIBIRU is now within our solar system and has already affected the other planets in our solar system. NIBIRU is also the cause for what the Governments are calling Global Warming not only on our planets but also affecting the orbits and weather on the outer planets in our solar system.

There is soooooooooooo much more to share with you on this subject but will continue in our next issue. What does this have to do with The Golden Ones? The last time the teachings of The Golden Ones were shared on Earth was previously to the sinking of Lemuria and Atlantis which was cause by NIBIRU. So what does this have to do with the ADVANCE VERSION of the book regarding over coming physical death? EVERYTHING!!!!!

We will tell you what The Golden Ones have shared with me. When you align your thoughts and feelings in accordance to Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL, there is no longer a need to experience physical death. Physical death was and is a means to limit the negative karma created in the development of a soul who has not learned to align their thoughts and feelings. To prevent the developing soul from acquiring too much negative karma within their current carnation, death is a natural process which the soul induces within their own body as a result of their thoughts and feelings not being aligned with Universal Laws and Principles which eventually cause disease and death.

We will continue with this story next month.