Series 2 – Details regarding NIBIRU

So now that The Golden Ones have guided me to investigate NIBIRU, I understand much more about their teachings and the purpose of life here on Earth. As I investigated NIBIRU, I came across many conspiracy theories regarding NASA cover ups, United States government building underground cities, the rich elite buying their way off the planet when the time comes, astronomers murdered to keep the public from finding out the truth about NIBIRU and so many other dramas going on in this Spiritual Training environment here on Earth.

Regardless of what is going on around us, it is extremely important we stay in the I AM PRESENCES. There is still only One Mind, Universal Mind. We are all connected to this Universal Mind and everything we think and feel is being registered in this Universal Mind so our on-going Spiritual development is constantly being interacted with our Life’s experiences based on how we thing and feel in the moment. This is not just for us, but for EVERYONE who is thinking selfishly.

Knowing there is only One Mind and being telepathic, when I want an answer from Universal Mind, I keep asking the same question until I get my answer. So obviously I wanted to know the exact timeframe when NIBIRU was going to affect the shifting of the poles here on Earth. I must have spent at least a week pinging Universal Mind with the question, “When will NIBIRU affect life here on Earth?” After a week or two, I was guided to listen to a radio interview on a Christian Born Again channel with an amateur astronomer named Gill Broussard. After listening to Gill, it appeared as if he has cracked the code to the timeline of when NIBIRU was actually going to affect Earth. I was so pleased Universal Mind provided me with the answer I was Pinging for, that I don’t know which I was more happier about, having Universal Mind providing me with the information or the information itself.

Gill Broussard during his interview offered to reveal his research information and an email address. I contacted Gill for his files and he wanted to talk about disclosing his information. We talked for about an hour via SKYPE and Gill clarified many of my questions regarding his research and dates. I came away feeling blessed that I was able to connect with probably the only person on this planet that has cracked the code of NIBIRU, the prophecy of Revelation and other teachings in the bible.

Gill has identified NIBIRU as orbiting into our Solar System approximately every 360 years by using Chinese and Japanese Astrologers and software to verify current and previous astronomy positions. He has also studied the bible and Hebrew translations to map his calculations accordingly to historical bible events. He has also identified approximately the arrival of NIBIRU, March/April 2016 based on interpreting the coding in Revelation with planets positioning in the constellations to determine when this event will be affect us here on Earth.

I will also share with you Gill’s documentation and other information that I was guided to become aware of to substantiate my reasoning with regards that life on Earth here will change drastically in the months ahead.

Gill’s Documentation: Click this link to go to DropBox for FREE pdf of Planet-7X!


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