Series 3 – Asteroid

What I am about to share with you is the complete TRUTH of what will be developing in our immediate future based on my understanding of the events about to unfold and from what my teachers are guiding me to share. My Spiritual teachers are guiding me with information which I feel is what they want me to disseminate, depending on your development, you will have to ascertain what TRUTHs to resonate with.

Here on Earth we are living in vacuum created by forces beyond our personal control. We elect government official who we trust to act in our best interest and for the good of all the people they represent. Without going into too much more details, please see the movie THRIVE. You can watch this on-line and it will give you a much better understanding of the constraints here on Earth and the purpose to the videos presented later in this message:


I was told over thirty years ago that I would live FOREVER and information has been re-enforce over the years through dreams and thought reminders from my teachers. I thought I was special, living FOREVER, however this does not relate to me solely, but to everyone whose heart and mind is working towards Universal Love. The time is approaching very near when we ALL will wake up and believe life on Earth here was just a dream. We are in the closing days of life here on this planet as we know it. You all know the TRUTH is being revealed all around us. Our manifestations are manifesting faster and faster. The things we believed in, no longer holds the respect we have given them. We are seeing the corruption around the world in all who we believed were working in our best interest.

I was guided to learn about tectonics plates and the shifting of the poles many years ago. Just recently. I was guided to become aware of Nibiru and was fortunate to be guided to the work of an amateur astronomer name Gill Broussard. Gill has researched Nibiru for many years and has much detail information which I will share here with you:   Gill Broussard – Free offering of “Planet-7X” book a teaching guide with posters


Nibiru’s arrival based on Gill’s research is scheduled for March/April 2016.


Just recently, my teachers have guided me to a more imminent event scheduled during September 2015, which is an asteroid hitting Earth. By sharing this information with you it is not to cause FEAR or panic but to explain to you how we are all going to survive this event. We will survive this event as this event is necessary for our Ascension. First of all here are the four video you will need to watch in the sequence they are listed:   – Prophet Efrain Rodriguez – Other Prophets’ confirmation – Asteroid Impact Atlantic Ocean – French Foreign Minister’s news Conference


If it wasn’t bad enough on having our sister binary star, Nibiru, return to our solar system after 360 years, now we have an asteroid to be concerned about or do we. Please understand that I am very fortunate to be gifted with telepathic connection to Universal Mind which I used extensively to get my answers, we all have this capability, I was just fortunate to be taught this by The Golden Ones and then to trust my thoughts and feelings in becoming aware of this gift.   After learning about this asteroid hitting Earth in September of 2015, knowing I was going to be taken care of as well as all my sisters and brothers on the planet, I asked Universal Mind how we all are going to be saved. The next morning, a friend, who I haven’t talked to in three years, sent me an email asking if we could talk. During the conversation he share the following video with me: – The Lie NASA told and the imminent demise of the New World Order.


After watching this video, it answered all my questions on how we all will be saved prior to the effects of the asteroid crashing into Earth affecting all of us. It also answered the question regarding how our DNA will be adjusted to extend our life FOREVER and it relieved me of my concerned regarding how all the innocent children and adults will be spared from anymore challenges under these conditions on this planet. Please watch the video.

If you understand that the forces in charge on this planet purposely create wars, hardships, conflicts between race, genders and nationality, as they live off the FEARS they manifest in our hearts and minds, then the only way to defeat them is through compassion for their ignorance. To live FOREVER, our DNA will have to be altered which has been previously engineered by our Spiritual sisters and brothers and it will be re-engineered again. Faith and trust is required by all of us to end this phrase of our spiritual development where we can move forward into an existence which is governed by Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL. At this point in time, just know this is where we are headed. We will share more next month.


There is a song by Whitney Houston called, ‘The Greatest Love of All’ – As you listen to this song, embrace the lyrics and know this is our song and the reason we came to Earth, for the LOVE which is in all of us, as we are created in the image and likeness of God.