Compatibility Report

Understand a Potential or Current Relationship (two reports)

The Astrology and Numerology reports for couples provides two reports where an individual or couple together can gain a better understanding of how they interact together in relationship. The two compatibility reports will identify gifts and the challenges within a relationship when two individual dynamic forces come together as one.  It will also point out, which individual has the task of accepting the responsibility to improve the peace, love and connectedness within the relationship.   These reports will also identify potential abusive relationships, infidelity, short term relationship aspects and potential court proceedings.

The reports provided are a Compatibility Astrology Report along with a  Compatibility Numerology ReportThese reports will provide a comprehensive look at the relationship based on the Complete Name at Birth (based on Birth Certificate), Current Name, Time, Place and Date of Birth for each person.  This information is required when ordering these reports.

Changes in a relationship come from within and from the willingness of both individuals to adapt. These reports are not to predict the course of a relationship.  They will highlight areas of potential challenge and can be used as a guide to determine whether a relationship is likely to be successful.  The willingness and efforts of both parties go a long way in making any relationship successful. These reports can also be used to understand the ethics and integrity of another. Cost: $US50.

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