Study With the Masters

This is a one week intense, detoxification, discipline program to start you on your path to self mastery and jump start your spiritual, mental, physical and feeling bodies to a new way of Thinking, Eating, Exercising and Connecting with Spirit. Tim will facilitate The Great White Brotherhood and The Golden Ones in his home with a limited number of individuals.  This program is designed to provide you with the fundamental reason why we are here on Earth and the tools to put you in control of your destiny.  The teachings, provided to Tim over the past 35 years, are now ready to be revealed as we moved into the 5th Dimension Consciousness.   It may take awhile before you can fully comprehend the teachings and techniques, but by the end of the five days, you will have a comprehensive understanding of who you are and your connection to the Oneness of the Universe.   These topics will be discussed in detail:

  1.  Learn how you are on a one to one relationship with Universal Mind and how to use this energy to CONSCIOUSLY manifest your reality.
  2.  Learn the difference between conscious mind and subconscious mind.
  3.  Learn to control your thoughts and the importance of why this is necessary in manifesting your reality.
  4.  Learn to remove fears and negative thinking from your minds.
  5.  Learn how the body interfaces with Universal Mind in manifesting our reality.
  6.  Learn how to open your body to handle life’s stressful experiences.
  7.  Receive a copy of your Astrology/Numerology Report for a better understanding of yourself.
  8.  Understand the value of a healthy diet in preventing anti-aging, learn to eat in accordance with your spiritual path and why Kundalini Yoga is beneficial to your spiritual, physical, mental and feeling development.
  9. Finally, learn to connect with your spiritual guides in every moment and not just in meditation.

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Mastership Program

Please email Tim, timdoyle@thepathtooneness.comto schedule a requesting date, using Mastership Program in the Subject line.  Once Tim responds to your email and secure the date requested, click below to register and secure your time frame.  1/3 deposit required when registering, balance due one week before your program starts. The fee for this program is $1,500 for an individual and $2,500 for a couple, space is limited to two couples or two singles or combination.