We are not our physical body, but our spirit has to use these bodies to experience life here in the Earth’s 5th Dimension. Taking care of our body is the responsibility of each of us. We must be mindful of ingesting drugs and chemicals into our body that will have an effect on how we think and respond to our physical responsibilities in life. Nature has all the cures for all our ailments. It is up to each of us to be our own physician and decide what is right for our bodies. Be mindful of occupations that make a living by you being ill.

The information here is only information. It is in up to each of us to discern what appropriate action to take for our own well being. If there are any documented remedies you would like to share which would assist others, please send them to me at: and once I validate, I will post.

There are many natural suggestions on this website to assist you in achieving maximum health.