Preface – How to Play the Game of Life – Intermediate Version

I am awakened at 2 a.m., feeling the urge to go to my computer and start writing. Normally, I get up at 3:30 a.m. to start my morning Kundalini Yoga Kriya, but not this morning. As my mind was filled with words as if I was telling a story to myself, I was surprised with what I thought I was going to hear and write, and not what was written. When I finished writing the first teaching and it was signed, “The Golden Ones,” I had no idea how profound their teachings were. After seventeen straight nights of getting up at 2 a.m. and scribing teachings signed by The Golden Ones, I knew this was the material for the second book in the series How to Play the Game of Life.

The Golden Ones are the “us” in “Let us,” the same Co-Creator Gods who said, “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them,” (Genesis 1:26-27, King James Version).

The Golden Ones have established the curriculum for this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth; it’s an agenda that will assist all of us who have chosen to come to Earth to advance us from being Masters to Ascended Masters.

I read very little in the years when I was developing my spiritual awareness, because my spiritual guides always told me not to follow others as I would progress only as far as the others had progressed themselves. In learning, I may have been guided to particular portions of books as reference material, or maybe to a documented procedure such as yoga. Anything I have ever wanted to know would come to me or I would have to read the material through a required curriculum.

The two books I’ve read that have influenced my awareness are The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth The Atlantean translated and interpreted by M. M. Doreal, MsD, PsyD. Written in the early 1900s, The Master Key System was ahead of its time. It taught the art of manifestation through the practice of meditation in conjunction with Universal Laws. The Thoth writings offer the same premise, but the terminology encrypts the message, so only those with a sincere desire to learn the Secrets of Secrets can understand Thoth’s writings.

The Golden Ones are guiding me to write down these teachings for future generations. One day when these teachings are embraced by all, then peace will reign in the hearts and minds of all humans on Earth.

Within each of us is a driving force motivating us to take action in our life. Whether we are aware of it or not, this force provides us with the impetus to examine our current belief systems and to question how we feel about them. This innate force or feeling is our Divinity, the guidance of our higher self, the Teacher of Divine Wisdom, Universal Mind, or God. This force is constantly reminding us that we are much more than we think we are from the viewpoint of our limited self-perception. What distinguishes us as human beings from the other kingdoms (mineral, plant, animal, and angelic) is we are not part of these kingdoms anymore and we are here on Earth to learn how to serve all the kingdoms of God. We are here on Earth, a Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, learning to become Co-Creator Gods. Coming to Earth is a choice we each made.

Prior to coming to Earth, we were part of the mineral, plant, animal, and angelic kingdoms and we were connected to Universal Mind through innate intelligence, the same innate intelligence that guides beavers to build their remarkable dams, and birds to build their incredible nests. One of our primary responsibilities as Masters is to learn how to manifest, something new to all of us coming to Earth. To manifest is a completely different process than just creating something. We will go into specific details later, but it involves using reasoning and the five senses, conscious mind, visualizing our feelings, and speaking the word of the desired manifestation. This is a complete bodily process that some of us take for granted without understand what we go through or what is involved.

We came here because of the Love within us and our dedication to serve, to make a difference. We reached a pinnacle point of our development as a soul and we made the choice to come to Earth. We are here to learn to manifest, using our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. Our ability to use free will is solely in the way we choose to manifest. Are we using the Divine creative energy within us to bring our thoughts and desires into manifestation for selfish desires or for selfless reasons? So here we all are, placed in a Hierarchy Spiritual Training School on Earth, stripped of all our previous understanding of who we are and our relationship to the Divine, forced to rely on our innate feelings with the interference of free will, reasoning, and the five senses, and struggling to balance the heart and the mind in finding our way back to our Divinity by becoming the Divine.

Each of us is an aspect of God on a soul journey learning to become a Co-Creator God, as loving and evolved in our thoughts and actions as we can be. Self-assessment, as to how we measure up, is based on how we directly connect to Universal Mind; this will be shown to us in our daily experiences. Are we conscious of all our thoughts in every moment? Universal Mind is constantly communicating with us. Are we listening? Do we hear the answers to our questions? Are we receiving an answer to our thoughts almost prior to finishing the inquiring thought?

I remember coming home from work one day in March 1977, not feeling good about my day nor about how I had conducted myself at work. No one but me would have noticed anything majorly inappropriate in my conduct, but being a Virgo, perfection in all I do is always important to me. On this particular day, I decided to meditate. It was 3:30 p.m. in the afternoon and I normally didn’t meditate until 7 p.m. in the evening. I went through my normal preparations before meditating: sitting in my usual room, closing the curtains as I like the darkness, lighting a candle, and saying the Prayer of Protection (see Appendix).

As soon as I closed my eyes, my inner sight filled with a vision of a spiritual being dressed in radiant golden attire: a brilliant golden robe with a golden hood and thin golden rope-like sashes along his right side almost touching the ground. This golden being reached up and removed a necklace from his neck; this necklace floated across the space between us and settled around my neck. As it settled, a tingling sensation overcame my entire body, similar to the tingling sensation we all experience when we receive confirmation from our higher self; however, this tingling sensation was more intense. As quickly as this golden spiritual being appeared, it disappeared with the giving of this necklace. The necklace comprised a golden chain from which hung an inverted triangle, like the lower half of the Star of David, pointing downward to Earth, indicating that the teachings of The Golden Ones are a gift from Heaven to Earth.

I had had visions of spiritual beings before, mostly in dream states. This vision, however, was very special: it was in the middle of the day, I was fully conscious as it appeared as soon as I closed my eyes after reciting the Prayer of Protection, and of course, it lifted my spirits. Days later I went out and bought a golden necklace and found a goldsmith to make a replica of the golden triangle from my vision. I have worn this necklace every day since, to remind me of this special day in my life. I later realized and was told by my loved loves that the hallmark of The Golden Ones is the inverted triangle; it represents gifts to mankind.

In 2011, I had a very financially rewarding position as a contractor in Washington, DC. Judy Satori and I were married and living in Arlington, Virginia. Judy was spending the year writing and finishing her book, Sunshine Before the Dawn, in Naples, New York, while I traveled back and forth from Arlington, Virginia to Naples, New York on weekends. I learned so much from Judy’s experience of receiving guidance from Spirit in channeling her book, formatting the text, finding the appropriate photograph for the book cover and the appropriate publisher, and coordinating the release of the book on the Summer Equinox—June 21, 2011, the date Spirit guided her to release her book. I am sure my experience in assisting Judy with her publication benefitted me in the publishing of my two books and gave me the confidence to do the work yet to come.

I always assisted Judy in her work as much as I could. Judy channels Light Languages from Spiritual Beings from other dimensions and realities. The Golden Ones have shared with me the purpose of Judy’s work is to assist our sisters and brothers still holding on to third-dimensional reality to prepare them for their transition into fifth-dimensional reality. Fifth-dimensional reality is where each of us must take responsibility for our actions, in every moment, if we want to evolve beyond the fifth dimension.

Being from New Zealand herself, she worked with a New Zealand webmaster. New Zealand time is seventeen hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States, so there were always challenges: coordinating changes to her website, sending out emails, and so on. We would be up in the early hours of the morning, coordinating changes, not just once or twice, but several times. Very frustrating. Judy was very specific about what changes needed to be made. So after the webmaster made the changes, she and I would review them to ensure their accuracy. It was rare that the changes would be correct on the first attempt. After we had gone through one webmaster and knew a second was soon to leave, Spirit told me during my morning Kundalini Yoga that I would be Judy’s new webmaster. I remember sitting up in surprise at the recommendation, as I knew very little about her website and even less about being a webmaster.

Learning to flow with Spirit’s recommendations, I discussed with Judy the benefits of what Spirit was proposing, giving her an opportunity to express her feelings. However, I find that sometimes Spirit backs me into a corner or takes my options away so I am open to their recommendations. Actually, Judy really didn’t have a choice as her second webmaster soon left and she needed someone to be in a situation to assist. Since I understood her work and I was always available to make modifications to her website and emails, it made logical sense for me to be her webmaster. The only difficulty was getting webmaster training. I had a basic understanding of how her website worked, even with very few instructions from the departing webmaster. I embraced the opportunity to assist. Actually, it was pretty amazing how quickly Spirit taught me how to learn the programming process of her website. I would ask a question within my mind, wondering how to do something, and I would find myself automatically clicking here and there, and finding the answers. Within two weeks, I understood 99 percent of her website process. It was also amazing that whenever I wanted to find out the 1 percent, all I would have to do was ask in my mind and shortly thereafter, an experience would come along to help me learn the process.

In October 2011, I received a vision in dream state in which Judy was walking in the jungle with two women alongside her. Tall bamboo grass grew all around us. I was behind Judy, to her left. Behind me were three men dressed in Indian attire holding back a tiger; each had a leash made out of vines around the tiger’s neck. By the way they were all struggling; I could tell they were having difficulties holding this tiger back from wanting to run, digging their heels into the ground, and the way the tiger was clawing his way forward, digging his claws into the dirt, trying to gain momentum in his forward progress.

I noticed that the two women next to Judy were leaving her side and falling back to her far right. At the same time, my momentum increased to a jog to be at Judy’s side. As I reached to take Judy’s left hand with my right hand, we both started to jog together. I looked over my left shoulder to see the tiger had broken free from the three men holding him back and was in a full gallop. Soon the tiger moved in front of Judy and me, as he led us through the tall bamboo grass. Then I woke up.

I pondered the dream during my morning Kundalini Kriya before I woke Judy up to discuss the dream. Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual yoga practice which is thousands of years old and consists of specific asanas (positions or postures) to improve the biological performance of the body as it relates to breathing, stretching, flexibility, nerve opening, and mind expansion. A Kriya is a specific set of asana poses, which when performed in a specific sequence makes up a Kundalini Kriya. The tiger represented protection and Judy and I decided that Spirit wanted me to join my wife in her work. When I reached work in Washington, D.C. that day, I gave in my notice that I was going to resign right before Christmas. I did so on December 23, 2011, and on Christmas Day, Judy and I left the United States for New Zealand to promote her work.

Both Judy and I felt her work had to be widely available to the public in preparation for the ending of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012. Looking at the calendar, we knew we had one year to do as much as possible to attempt to raise the consciousness of the planet. We set up workshops in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Switzerland, and the United States. I coordinated the traveling itineraries, and the correspondence with the attendees and the workshop host; and as well, I continued to make the website changes, recorded and distributed Judy’s MP3s, and handled her emails. We were both extremely busy, but I could see how my being Judy’s webmaster allowed us to distribute her work in a timely manner. Again, this was great training for me if I would ever happen to travel this same path again.

Another thing I observed while traveling and visiting all these different countries was that everyone was looking for the same things: “Where did we come from?” “Why are we here on Earth?” and “What is our purpose?”

In Oamaru, New Zealand in October 2012, when I was in the middle of a workshop meditation lead by my wife Judy Satori, a group of spiritual beings dressed in golden attire joined me. In the past, I had been aware of the White Brotherhood being with me during my meditations and teachings, but being joined by these golden attired beings was a new experience for me. At the closing of the meditation, I telepathically asked these beings who they were and they told me they were “The Golden Ones.” I didn’t think too much more about this, except whenever Judy used me as a sounding board to confirm what she was receiving, I would check with my guides and I was aware the confirmation was now coming from The Golden Ones.

I then suspected that the spiritual being dressed in golden attire who had appeared to me in 1977 was part of this same group that has now joined me. I know most people may not understand how I may take these experiences as if they are everyday occurrences, but, as they have happened to me my entire life, I just view them as natural experiences in my everyday life. Please don’t get me wrong. I am totally honored to be experiencing these spiritual experiences; however, I flow with them; I have to, or else they would take me out of my heart center and into my ego.

After our whirlwind year and still feeling energetic, I returned to the United States on December 10, 2012. Judy, energetically a little exhausted, made a commitment to go on to India for ten days. Three weeks later, Judy channeled from Spirit that we were to separate as a couple, indicating that our marriage vessel was too confining to allow our love to grow. Spirit released me from being Judy’s protector, and indicated that in the future there would be a new partner for each of us. Both Judy and I were devastated with Spirit’s recommendation, but even though it was difficult for us to accept, I knew in my heart I had to honor it.

I am now in Naples, in upstate New York. It’s February 2013 and I am living alone in the middle of winter. Outside, it’s freezing cold, and inside, my feeling body is not much warmer; I’m licking my emotional wounds. I found myself in a situation in which I was alone, without a job, without money, no income to speak of, and no savings. I was isolated in an environment where all I could do was get up in the morning, do my Kundalini Yoga meditation Kriya—which takes me about two hours—take my two-mile morning walk in the freezing cold, prepare for the day, eat, take my afternoon two-mile walk in the freezing cold, do an evening meditation, and then go to bed.

I didn’t know what else to do.

I couldn’t go back to my old job as a contractor in Washington, DC, the job I’d done for nineteen years. It just didn’t feel right and the government was going through downsizing and budget cuts anyway.

After six weeks, I started to accept that the life I had previously was gone. After reviewing all my options, the only thing I knew and felt comfortable with was my spiritual work. So, not feeling as sorry for myself as I had originally felt, I started to piece my life back together.

My love was my spiritual work and I felt I was blessed with so many teachings, and that it would be a mistake on my part not to attempt to bring my teachings to the public as much as possible. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself and paid more attention to my morning Kundalini Kriya meditations, I became more receptive to understand the directions I was receiving.

My spirit guides recommended that I finish a book I had started back in 1998. This book was called, How to Play the Game of Life: Beginner’s Version. Needless to say, at that time, although I had plenty of teachings and experiences to draw from, I really wasn’t pressed to write the book. Now, out of work, with no money, little income, and nothing but my spiritual experiences to draw from, I dusted off the old writing and began putting new life into it. While I was writing, Spirit recommended I develop a website to share teachers’ tools with the public. After very little discussion with Spirit, the name of the website became “The Path to Oneness.” This was not the name I originally wanted for the website. I thought “The Path to Self-Mastery” would be more appropriate. I thought I was being prepared to assist individuals in becoming masters of their own destiny, as I had been trained for over forty years. But, after receiving Spirit’s guidance over the next few months, I came to know why Spirit recommended “The Path to Oneness.” I could see they had bigger plans.

Earth is not meant to be an individual path, but a path of embracing the Oneness of Life. Yes, it is an individual path; however, each individual has to embrace their Oneness with the entire workings of the Universe, including all the kingdoms, in all dimensions, and in all realities.

Once I embraced finishing writing my book and developing the website,, I started to receive spoken mantras and the teachings behind these mantras. To be honest with you, at the time what my spirit guides were telling me made no sense, but I went along with it as I had to believe that what they were telling was the truth.

Then one morning in late April, during my morning Kriya, my guides told me I would become a spiritual teacher, teaching the work that was about to come through. I remember arguing with my Spiritual Loved Ones, telling them that I was not going to stand up in front of any group of people and teach something that I didn’t know to be the absolute truth. After all, I felt that surely everything spiritual had already been taught and I wondered what information they could possibly bring through me that would make a difference in the hearts and minds of humanity. Well, everything wasn’t already taught and the information that came through me was not only overwhelming, uplifting, inspirational, and heartfelt, I personally was overwhelmed to be selected to bring forth this work.

In Kundalini Yoga, it is highly recommended to start Kriya one hour before sunrise. I have experienced that when I wake up later than sunrise I do not have the desire to do my yoga; I am too excited. However, by doing Kriya before sunrise, I am more attuned to the prompting of my spiritual guides; I’m very restful and patient to perform the two-and-a-half hour Kriya that Spirit recommends. In addition, the communications with my spiritual guides is more connected and the reception is much clearer.

So, I was already getting up at 3:30 a.m. to start my morning Kundalini Kriya, but now my Loved Ones were waking me at 2 a.m. and I felt like I needed to write. For the next sixteen days, every morning I would start my day with writing a teaching from The Golden Ones. I remember finishing my first dictation and they signed it “The Golden Ones.” I was surprised at this, but when I went back to reread what I’d written, I couldn’t believe the wisdom, the logic, the understanding, the heartfelt feeling of truth in all the teachings that they were conveying through me to the masses.

I never prescribe to setting a time on going to bed or waking up. I have found that sometimes I sleep for as little as an hour and a half, and another time for as much as fourteen hours. When I only sleep just enough to take the edge off and I am completely awake, I ask my guides if I need to be up. When I feel they want me to write something or to take action, I don’t second guess the time of the day or their prompting. The early hours of the morning seem to be the best time for me to hear and receive the guidance from Spirit. I would highly recommend to anyone working with channeled writings or interested in hearing the prompting of their spiritual guides that they also consider using the first part of the day.

Looking back on this experience of documenting these teachings, I feel so blessed to have been chosen to be the spokesperson for The Golden Ones. Living these teachings for the past forty years, I see the profound wisdom of the Earth being designed as a Spiritual Hierarchy Training School for the development of Co-Creator Gods. I know I have the responsibility of documenting these teachings to support and encourage all of us in the knowledge of our purpose here on Earth, which we do know and feel on some level within. But when we are able to read these lessons, it just confirms what we already know, encouraging all of us to move forward. For this reason, I am so grateful for being accountable for this task.

I know some of these teachings are repetitive or at least may seem repetitive, but I didn’t want to change anything I received from The Golden Ones as they might have a reason for the repetitiveness that is beyond our ability to understand through human logic. There might be some readers who need to hear something more than once from a different slant. So please allow patience as you read these teachings as I have received them.

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