11th Message – Dec 2013


   The Co-Creator Gods established the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth in accordance with Universal Principles of harmony, balance, order and Unity.  These teachings we are sharing are designed to assist the soul in understanding the fundamental concepts of the objective of this training curriculum, which is for each soul to become a Co-Creator God. When the soul learns to align their thinking accordingly to Universal Principles, their dreams and aspirations are manifested. When the soul’s thinking is other than in accordance with Universal Principles, karmic lessons are taught.   Every step of the way, the soul will endure trials and tribulations and every step of the way the soul’s spiritual teacher walks with them.

Trials and tribulations are not intended to punish the soul, quite the opposite.  Trials and tribulations are designed to develop the embedded God characteristics within each soul.  Endurance, patience, discipline, self-esteem, confidence, will power, determination, strength, perseverance, integrity and many more God characteristics are developed during challenging experiences.  We want the soul to understand this and draw on these God characteristics within each of them as the soul starts to feel the burden of the experience.  The soul’s spiritual teacher is walking with the soul every step of the way.  When the experience appears to be overwhelming, it would be wise for the soul to go into the silence and have a communion with their spiritual teacher.  We tell you this for two major reasons.

First of all, it is important for the soul to feel their way through life’s experiences.  Initially, the soul comes from Conscious Mind and uses reasoning and the five senses or logic for their manifestations.  Logic alone does not manifest the real TRUTH of a manifestation. A combination of logic and feelings is needed in order for the manifestation process to be complete.  When the soul starts identifying with their feelings, it activates the Subconscious Mind and the embedded God characteristic gifts within each soul.  When the soul becomes aware of their feelings in a whether it is in a stressful or pleasant experience, a communion is established with the soul’s higher self. This will teach the soul to attune to the higher frequency within to hear their spiritual higher self response, which is the frequency used in all spirit realms to communicate with each soul and every soul in Earth’s training environment.

We will now share with the soul how to develop these embedded God characteristics. An example is the gift of or the God characteristic of ‘Patience’. When the soul is in a life experience and  starts to feel the feeling of being impatient, we want the soul to learn to sit and feel this impatient feeling for as long as possible.  The reason the soul is feeling impatient is because they have not developed the God characteristic of ‘Patience’ in their Subconscious Mind.  By sitting and allowing this impatient feeling to permeate their being, it allows the Subconscious Mind to learn to assimilate and activate the feeling of being impatient into the God characteristic of ‘Patience’.  This process will work for any frustrating feeling being felt by the soul in any of life’s experiences.   This is the only way the soul will develop these embedded God Characteristics.  Once these feelings are assimilated in the Subconscious Mind of the soul, the Conscious Mind will then have a connection to the Subconscious Mind on future experiences to draw from.

If the soul responds through action to the frustrating feeling during a life’s experience, the soul will continue to manifest more frustrating experiences for their learning.  Universal Mind is not punishing the soul by facilitating karmic experiences through repeated frustrating experiences; on the contrary, the soul is given another opportunity to learn from the experience.  Remember, as we have mentioned, if the soul feels they have not risen to give their best performance in any of life’s experiences, the soul must not feel disappointed in the soul’s response to the life’s experience, Universal Mind will provide another opportunity until the soul learns the lesson.  Again, once a soul learns a lesson, it never has to be repeated.

We will communicate regarding the purpose of forgiveness in our next correspondence.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones