13th Message – Jan 2014


As each soul becomes aware of their role as a Co-Creator God in the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth, the soul will take their thoughts wandering through the Conscious Mind more seriously.  These conscious thoughts are the building blocks of the reality each soul will experience not only on Earth, but also in the soul’s Subconscious Mind forever until reprogrammed.  The Universal Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of all, must be in the forefront of the motivating energy propelling the manifestation of all thoughts in the soul’s Conscious Mind.

Unless the soul develops a discipline routine of isolation where each soul can develop the discipline of awareness of each thought wandering through their Conscious Mind, it will be difficult for the soul to consciously manifest and sustain a reality without creating karmic lessons.  Once a soul learns awareness of their conscious thoughts, less time in a meditative state will be required but still necessary.  The meditative state has other benefits other than the soul learning to become aware of and discipline their thoughts.  It is a time when the soul is a state of being and receptive to biological upgrades by Universal Mind.  This upgrade in the soul’s body may also take place while the soul is in a sleep state, but more affective if performed during a meditative state of being.  If performed during a meditative state, there is less resistance to the flow of energy from Universal Mind as the soul is already open to receive.

Until a soul develops a “Knowing Awareness” of the direction of their soul’s path based on being consciously aware of their conscious thinking patterns, their desires, dreams and needs may never become a reality.  As we have stated previously, Universal Mind is aware of every thought and feeling manifested by each soul.  Along with these thoughts and feelings, Universal Mind also knows the state of development for each soul and the path each soul has manifested for them.  This is their soul’s Akashic Record.  The truth is you have free will to make choices; however, we will tell you as each soul evolves and becomes more conscious of their relationship to God, the decisions made by each soul will be for love and dedicated service to God, completely.

Unanswered Prayers are a gift from God.  The Universal Mind understand the dilemma the soul is experiencing when prayers are manifested, motivated by self interest, ignorance or a lack of understanding.  To maintain the integrity of the soul’s development, these requests are not always facilitated by Universal Mind.  The soul will not realize this in the moment the soul is praying, but looking back as future experiences unfold, the soul will be reminded why their prayers were not answered.

A soul develops a “Knowing Awareness” and this requires faith and trust with their inner guidance.  Developing this “Knowing Awareness” requires practices and discipline in discerning between the different voices from within in a meditative state.  This meditative state can be a walking meditative state, during their exercise routine or during times when commuting.  The soul is in a state of being where the soul is alone and has an exchange of thoughts and thinking between the soul and Universal Mind.  Once this communication exchange is developed, the soul will learn to tune into this frequency with Universal Mind and develop a dialogue.

We will communicate the developing Faith and Trust in our next correspondence.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones