15th Message – Mar 2014

One Heart

We are telling you there is only One Mind, Universal Mind, and every soul is connected to this Universal Mind.  We will now tell you there is also only One Heart, Sacred Heart, and every soul is connected to this Sacred Heart.  This Sacred Heart is the gateway to the Divine Energy that flows through all of creation and all of life.  When the egg and the sperm comes together and is fertilized, in that moment, the Sacred Heart is developed.  From this moment on within the womb, the fetus develops as a physical being.  The Sacred Heart is sustaining the life force, allowing the fetus to grow.  Until the birth of the baby, this process will continue. 

The soul enters the body when the first breath is taken and leaves the body on the last breath.  During the developing stages of the fetus, the soul is overseeing the developing process of the soul’s physical, mental and emotional body.  At any point during the developing of the fetus, the soul has the right to terminate the pregnancy.  There are no accidents when a miscarriage, abortion or any other conditions occur that leads to a termination of the pregnancy.  There are no accidents when birth defects or any other condition occurs; all births are designed accordingly to the soul’s learning experiences.  All births are designed and facilitated by Universal Mind for the growth and learning of the soul, the soul’s family, the soul’s community or any other individuals that may be affected by experiencing a soul learning experience.

Prior to a soul choosing to come to Earth to become a Co-Creator God, the soul’s heart connection was one with the Sacred Heart of God.  Nothing has changed, the soul’s heart is still directly connected to the Sacred Heart of God; however, through life’s experiences, the Conscious Mind of the soul has reasoned otherwise, which is part of the soul’s learning process.  Now that the soul has a Conscious Mind, reasoning capabilities, free-will and no prior knowledge of the soul’s previous connection to the Sacred Heart of God all knowledge of this connection to the Sacred Heart is lost.  The soul must consciously find his way back to the Sacred Heart of God by using all of the attributes of the soul’s Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind.  This includes the embedded God characteristics and the soul’s connection to Universal Mind.

Initially, the soul will use the Conscious Mind to take care of the soul’s immediate needs in the soul’s life experiences.  Through life’s experiences, the soul will eventually develop the God Characteristics within the Subconscious Mind.  As we have said previously, lasting satisfaction will no longer be found in the sensual satisfaction of the body.  It will be found through service to others.  When this process unfolds in the soul, the Subconscious Mind will have more of an influence on the Conscious Mind’s reasoning capabilities.  The Conscious Mind will attune more to the Subconscious Mind and the inner world.  The Conscious Mind will not be influenced by the logic reasoning capabilities and will react less to the influence of the outer world.

When the soul starts using the Subconscious Mind in responds to the soul’s learning experiences, the soul will rely more on the God embedded characteristics in the Subconscious Mind in lieu of the logic and reasoning capabilities of the Conscious Mind.  However, the Conscious Mind will balance the decision making with the Subconscious Mind within the soul.  The Subconscious Mind and the Conscious Mind will come together and make a decision out of love for the greatest good of the situation, which will be in alignment with the Universal Principles of harmony, balance, order and Unity for the good of all.  When the soul reaches this point in their awareness and development, Universal Mind will facilitate soul’s learning experiences to continue to develop the God characteristics within the soul’s Subconscious Mind.  The Sacred Heart of God also is operating in conjunction with the Subconscious Mind of the soul when this occurs.

We will communicate the difference between emotions and feelings in our next correspondence.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones