16th Message – Apr 2014


Emotions and Feelings

We want to talk more about the difference between Feelings and Emotions. We mentioned that each soul is embedded with God characteristics.  These are located deep within the Subconscious Mind of each soul.  These embedded God characteristics are activated through the soul’s learning lessons, which are facilitated by Universal Mind.  When the soul is experiencing a learning lesson, while also activating one of these many God characteristics, the Solar Plexus of the soul will sense a disturbing feeling in the soul’s physical body.

When Universal Mind facilitates a soul learning lesson to activate one of these God characteristics, a disturbing and frustrating feeling is sensed by the soul.  The Subconscious Mind processes the activation of the embedded God characteristic.  The soul has no biological wiring that connects the Conscious Mind to the Subconscious Mind.  To facilitate this new God characteristic being activated in the Subconscious Mind, there is a frustrating feeling sensed in the soul’s Solar Plexus while the Subconscious Mind is assimilating the activation of this new God characteristic.  This frustrating feeling is an Emotional response felt by the soul during the biological wiring process which is assimilated and developed by the Subconscious Mind.

When this biological wiring process is being assimilated by the Subconscious Mind, the soul is to do NOTHING in response to this disturbing and frustrating feeling being felt during the soul’s learning lesson.  If the soul can maintain self-control and breathe deeply during the sensing of this disturbing frustrated feeling, the biological wiring process by the Subconscious Mind will activate the God characteristic sooner.  Universal Mind will continue to facilitate soul learning lessons for each soul until each embedded God characteristic is fully activated.  Once this God characteristic is fully activated and assimilated in the Subconscious Mind, the soul’s Conscious Mind now has a biological pathway connecting the Conscious Mind to the Subconscious Mind.  Once the soul activates this God Characteristic, the soul will no longer experience a frustrating disturbing learning lesson.

However, if the soul cannot maintain self control and responds to this frustrating and disturbing feeling, there is an Emotional reaction experienced by the soul to this disturbing and frustrating feeling.  This Emotional reaction by the soul will cause a karmic response and Universal Mind will facilitated a soul learning lesson in response to the soul’s Emotional reaction, activating Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Now we want to point out the difference between Emotions and Feelings.  Responding to the frustrating disturbing feeling is an Emotion.  This Emotion can be called anger, hatred, greed, jealousy or any other emotional action displayed by the soul in response to this frustrating disturbing feeling.  If the soul maintains self-control and allows this God characteristic to be fully activated in the Subconscious Mind, this God characteristic, once activated, is called a Feeling.  Patience, love, kindness and compassion; are a few of the many embedded God characteristics each soul is learning to activate within their Subconscious Mind.

We will talk about One Heart, One Mind, One Universe in our next correspondence.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones