18th Message – Jun 2014


From the moment the sperm and the egg are fertilized, the fetus is connected to the Heart of God and life starts flowing into the fetus.  During the gestation period, the body of the fetus grows around the heart; the Akashic Record of the soul is downloaded into the fetus, storing all previous wisdom learned, the karmic debt yet to be paid and the karmic gifts yet to be received in preparation for the soul to enter the body upon the first breath.  This is the training plan of the soul training as a Co-Creator God.  Every experience the soul experiences is orchestrated by Universal Mind for the sole purpose of developing the soul as a Co-Creator God.  There are no accidents or miracles in the training program of a soul.  All experiences are the Effects of the soul’s thoughts, stored in the Akashic records of the soul, linked to Universal Mind and these experiences are orchestrate by Universal Mind when the soul has the ability to learn from the experience.

We talked about the three stages of development within the soul during their development and training here on Earth; the ego self, the spiritual self and the Co-Creator God self.  All souls are linked to Universal Mind but as the soul develops initially here on Earth, the ego self – survival for self develops first.  During this stage, The Heart of God is closed by the soul in their selfish means to think only for their primary Cause which is salvation and self gratification.

As the soul develops and understands that self gratification is only a temporary means to satisfy the ego self, the soul learns that service to others provides a more lasting self gratification then just pleasing the ego self.  The more the ego self merges into the spiritual self, The Heart of God opens more and provides gratifying feelings which feeds the soul and nourishes the desire to experience more of this satisfying feeling from The Heart of God.  Of course there are development stages within each stage of soul development and the more the spiritual self opens to The Heart of God the closer the soul comes to start experiencing The Heart of God as a Co-Creator God.

Understand in The Heart of God, all life is precious, even a blade of grass.  All the kingdoms serve one another.  The Mineral Kingdom primarily serves the Plant Kingdom.  The Plant Kingdom primarily serves the Animal Kingdom.  The Animal Kingdom primarily serves the Human Kingdom.  The Angelic Kingdom also primarily serves the Human Kingdom and the Human Kingdom serves ALL the kingdoms.

We tell you this so you will understand your ONENESS with God and your ONENESS with all the kingdoms, even the Human Kingdom.  We want you to understand that life here on Earth is not real; all souls are in training to learn to become Co-Creator Gods and all in different stages of development.  To go beyond the stage of spiritual self, it is necessary to accept all souls as they are in the various stages of their own self development.  Look beyond the drama of everyday life and see each soul as a kindred spirit searching for the same thing you are searching for.  In doing so, The Heart of God within will open up even more.

As you move from one stage to another in your soul development, The One Mind and One Heart of God will open up more within you.  There are facilities within your biological computer body still closed to your experiences until you mature and come into the realization of your ONENESS with all creation and accept the responsibility of your thoughts.  Each of you has the responsibility of finishing the wiring of your biological computer beings and it is only through responsible actions as a Co-Creator God will these facilities be opened to each of you.  We tell you this as the time is near for many of you to experience these gifts.

We want to talk to you about keeping your Light Body clean in our next talk as this is important to bring your dreams, desires and goals into manifestation.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones