19th Message – Jul 2014

The Light Body

When the Master Soul comes to Earth, their Light Body is as radiant as the Sun, based on their heart’s desire to dedicated their entire being in service for the love for God.  As the soul starts their training in becoming a Co-Creator God, one of their primary missions is to learn to manifest, manifest in accordance with Universal Laws and Principles.  The soul will not have memory of their previous existence as they will be developing their I AM presences in every moment.  While also developing their God characteristics, the soul’s Light Body will be exposed to Energy Distortions or what we prefer to call Emotional Parasites.  We prefer to call these Energy Distortions ‘Emotional Parasites’ to make it easier for the soul to comprehend how these Emotional Parasites are extremely detrimental to the soul in mastering the technique to manifest.  These Emotional Parasites are similar to physical parasites which the physical body may be exposed to as they experience life on Earth.  However, these Emotional Parasites are attachments to the soul’s Light Body and these attachments inhibits the soul from expressing its entire being in pursuing their needs, desires and dreams.

We will tell you now that physical parasites can have a detrimental effect on the physical body, if not corrected, can cause demise of the physical body during their current life existence.  As we mentioned earlier, all experiences in the life of a soul are perfect in every moment for their development as a Co-Creator God.  The soul must take responsibility for their existence in every moment.  There are no reasons for a soul to experience physical death.

Emotional Parasite will have the same effect on the Light Body of the soul, which can cause demise of the physical body during their current life existence.  Emotional Parasites are any feelings, which prevent the soul from expressing their true nature in every moment.  Some of these feels are known as fears, anxieties, guilt and low self-esteem, among many others.  Emotional Parasites actually deplete the energy level of the soul, preventing the soul attempts to pursue manifesting their needs, desires and dreams as they are learning to align their thinking accordingly to Universal Laws and Principles.

The more Emotional Parasites attached to the soul’s Light Body, the likelihood of the soul’s needs, desires and dreams to become a reality are limited.  There are many ways to remove these Emotional Parasites from the Light Body.  The least desired way is to have Universal Mind create a life experience for the soul to confront these feelings to experience the illusion of the limited feeling.  This may take many life’s experiences until the soul realizes the illusion of the feeling.  For Universal Mind to develop these life experiences is an indication that the soul is in the Egoic Self of development.

Another way is for the soul to remove these Emotional Parasites is to confront the Emotional Parasite.  This is done by the soul taking responsibility for their action and a desire to take Mastership of their destiny.  The soul will not allow any limited feeling to prevent the soul from achieving their aspirations.  The soul will confront the limited feeling within their Light Body it is experiencing, by walking through the dreaded experience to dissipate the illusion of the Emotional Parasite.  This is an indication of a Spiritual Soul in development.

However, the easiest and quickest way is to say the Emotional Parasite Prayer given as a teaching.  By being in the I AM presence at all times, the soul will be aware when these limited feelings are experienced, the moment they occur.  By saying the Emotional Parasite Prayer immediately, the soul is training itself to be conscious and aware in every moment, cleaning the Light Body of any Emotional Parasites and allowing for a more likelihood of their needs, desires and dreams to become a reality much sooner than expected.  This is an indication of a soul in the Co-Creator God stage of development.

We want to talk to you about the I AM Presences in our next teaching as this is important for the soul to be conscious and aware in every moment and attune to Universal Mind.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here, you are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.

The Golden Ones