21st Message – Oct 2014


The final teaching coming from us, The Golden Ones is relating to the ONENESS of life. We have shared with you the teachings on whom you are, where you have come from, your purpose here on Earth and the process for your Ascension. Aligning your thinking with Universal Laws and Principle is primary for your Ascension. In addition, respecting ALL life, regardless of size, kingdom, dimension or reality will align your conscious awareness with the ONENESS of life. Be mindful in every moment that ALL life comes from God.

There are many distractions purposely placed here in this training school of a soul and the key for your Ascension is to understand that everything is PERFECT in every moment regardless of whether you feel it is fair or unfair. Judgment of the dramas going on in this classroom of life will hold you in the 3rd Dimension Consciousness. We are aware of everything taking place in every moment; it is the working of Universal Law of Cause and Effect. As we have mention previously, every life’s experience is orchestrated by Universal Mind for the development of all souls. The Conscious Mind can hold only one thought at a time and if you are thinking of the many dramas and unfairness which you perceive to be true, then you will not be able to focus on your own soul advancement.

The time is nearing when your greatest challenge will be to have the trust and faith of your self knowing and convictions in the ONENESS of life. You will have to rise above and know ALL IS WELL in every moment. Those who stay in this ONENESS will hear the guidance from Universal Mind and know what to do. Those who are drawn into the dramas and judgment will not be able to listen to the guidance from Universal Mind.

Everyone is loved, guided, guarded, directed and protected in every moment, but it would not serve the ONENESS if those who are not prepared to join those who are prepared. As you may not remember, you too at one point in time were not prepared to go forward. So now you understand were you were previously. Have compassion for those who cannot listen, cannot see and cannot feel what the right decision is in all moments.

For those who are prepared, we have given tools to keep you protected during the coming times. The prayer of Protection is the most powerful prayer on the planet and will keep you safe from ALL attachments, seen and unseen. The Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites will keep your Light Body protected from all projected fears purposely implemented by controlling forces to keep you from reaching your Ascension. Use these two tools often as necessary to maintain a radiant Light Being. Allow your Light to shine for others without judgment, as we are all ONE.

This is the 21st teaching and the last one from The Golden Ones. You all have the understanding and the tools to graduate from this Earth School. Practice daily the discipline of keeping your Light Body as radiant as possible and align your thinking with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL.

Remember you are Co-Creator Goddesses and Gods dedicating your service and love for the ONENESS.

The Golden Ones