23rd Teaching – Dec 2014

The Pineal Gland

Earth was elevated into the 5th Dimension Consciousness status after the end of the Mayan Calendar, 21 December 2012; but, that is not what determined the migration of Earth to the 5Th Dimension status. Earth completed its orbit around the Galactic Center, a journey of 25,920 years, also on 21 December 2012 and it is this ending and beginning cycle which raised the consciousness of Earth from a 3rd Dimension to a 5Th Dimension Consciousness environment.

Earth being a 5TH Dimension Consciousness environment will require all souls who are inhabiting this planet to be responsible in vibrating to a 5th Dimension Consciousness level. As we have told you previously, Earth is a Spiritual training environment for souls to understand their Co-Creator God aspects of their nature and to learn to align their thoughts and feelings with Universal Laws and Principles of Harmony, Balance, Order and Unity for the good of ALL. There are many on this planet who have not learned the wisdom of their life’s experiences and cannot stay in this environment with those who have dedicated their love and service to God. The Golden Age is coming VERY soon for Earth and those who are in ONENESS with Universal teachings and have aligned their hearts and minds in dedicated service to God, life will continue without death. Death is a gift to those who have not learned to be selfless, it prevents these souls from enduring a karmic debt which may take a long time to reconcile. For those who have learned to align their thoughts and feelings accordingly to Universal Laws and Principles, there is no longer a need to experience death.

The last time The Golden Ones’ teachings were shared on Earth was previously to the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria, where The Golden Ones taught. At that time, the teachings were to assist those in their final initiation experiences prior to becoming Ascended Masters. We come to share our teachings now as very soon the Earth will go through another initiation process. All life’s experiences are orchestrated by Universal Mind for each soul’s development. We have shared the teachings to assist you in understanding your role as a Co-Creator God. We are continuing are teachings to demonstrate to each of you, the power which is within you. When you understand how much you are already ‘God Like’ and empower yourself to take responsibility for your power, acting like God, you will raise your vibration. Each of you have the power to smile, the power to forgive, the power to assist another without seeking compensation, the power to rise above petty annoyance’s, the power to appreciate all your gifts and abilities, the power to be thankful, the power to be compassionate, the power to be understanding and the power to take the right action in every moment.

There is planetary force which entered your Solar System and will drastically affect Earth and all lifestyle of developing souls. We have told you previously, all pleasures, fears, pains, evils and sensations are purposely allowed to manifest in this Earth environment for soul development. Earth is a Free-Will environment and The Golden Ones allow these life experiences to take place for the development of all souls awakening to their Co-Creator God aspects. However, since Earth has migrated to a 5th Dimension Consciousness, only those who have aligned their thoughts and feelings will be allowed to stay and prepare the Earth for future generation to come. The time coming is referred to what is called Revelation in your bible. The force which entered your Solar System will cause cataclysmic changes to the Earth very soon. Those who are aligned with the ONENESS will not be concerned with what the future will be as they have already adjusted to living in the moment and trust the wisdom of life’s experiences here on Earth. Those who have not adhered to the teachings will not prepare or listen to the warnings from the wise ones.

We have explained last month how each soul’s DNA is calibrated by the soul based on how the thoughts and feelings of the soul determines the frequency of the quantum physical particles which makes up the soul’s life’s experiences. What we want to explain in this teaching is how the Pineal Gland, the Eye of Horus or the Mind’s Eye is the antenna which attracts these quantum physical particles in your manifestations. When the soul’s consciousness is focused on a single objective and is visualized in the Pineal Gland, along with the vibration of the soul’s DNA, these actions determines the manifestation of the soul’s dreams and expectations. The Pineal Gland can hold only one conscious image at a time. When this image is focused, concentrated and disciplined, the results will be expedient.


The Golden Ones