24th Teaching – Jan 2015

All Is Well

We want to remind you of your purpose and commitment as a soul when you decided to come to Earth. You came here for your love and dedicated service to God, Our Father. Earth is a Spiritual training school where wisdom is learned, God characteristics as a Co-Creator God are developed and the soul learns to align their thoughts and feelings with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and Unity for the good of ALL. There are many distractions here on Earth, purposely designed to strengthen your commitment and to focus your energies in service to God and to others.

As you have noticed, the dramas on the planet now are intensifying as well as the hidden TRUTH, agendas  and motives are being revealed on many fronts, the veil is being lifted. The forces who believe they are in charge are desperate to maintain their influences and control over the hearts and minds of all souls on Earth. As we live in an environment of service to others, which is love, this type of environment is necessary to sustain the energy for our soul’s wellbeing. The forces currently who believe they are in charge, are sustained by a different type of energy, which is parasitic, based on fear to serve their own selfish desires. Creating fears in the hearts and minds of all souls is their agenda, which feeds the soul’s energy of those who think they are in charge.

We are ALL created in the image and likeness of God, Our Father and YES, these souls with these selfish desires are our sisters and brothers. You also, at one point in your Spiritual development, were part of these souls with a selfish purpose. Through wisdom and developing God characteristics, you have evolved from this state of being. We remind you of this for several reasons but most importantly, so you may now develop compassion for these souls who are attempting to use FEAR tactics to feed off of your energy. Compassion will keep you in maintaining an environment of LOVE. Once you understand their intentions, it will be easier for you to move from a consciousness of indifference to a consciousness of compassion for these souls.

We also want to remind you that all souls are connected to Universal Mind and each life experience is orchestrated by Universal Mind for each soul’s development. Universal Law of Cause and Affect is used in creating life’s experiences for each soul on Earth. Nothing can happen to a soul unless the soul violated this Universal Law. As an example, the FEAR tactics being used by beheading an innocent individual to create FEAR and is purposely being dramatized in the media to incite global fear in all souls is their intentions. These souls in charge need this fear to survive. The soul being beheaded created this beheading life experience for their soul, at some point of their existence they too, beheaded someone. Your role is to rise above the drama of other souls, have compassion, but there is no need to take up their cause. This Spiritual training school is just that, a training school. The events taking place on Earth are not real but just dramatization to assist you by having a profound experience and impact the soul in understanding Universal Laws and Principles for their soul development.

When Universal Mind creates a challenging life experience for your soul, embrace it and ask what your lesson is in the experience. This will keep you in the I AM Presence. Listen and wait, Universal Mind will reply with an answer. This process will establish a telepathic connection between you and Universal Mind, which is a gift and has always been available to you.


The Golden Ones