25th Teaching – Feb 2015

You are More Powerful than You Think

From the time you first came to Earth to this Spiritual Training School you have been experiencing many different sensations to stimulate and activate your sensory perception of what you think you know and understand. This was done to develop wisdom, the wise use of knowledge. When you originally came to Earth you were naïve, innocent and immature. You were easily manipulate and controlled to believe certain belief systems, doctrines and concepts to benefit those who tricked you in using your thinking in a desire to use your energy for their selfish intentions. All this was and is still part of your Spiritual training so you may still develop the God characteristics for your soul development, discernment is one of the utmost important characteristic.

We are telling you this so you can prevent this from continuing in your daily life, being controlled and manipulated. There is a shift that is necessary to take place in your thinking which is preventing each of your from truly understanding who you are and the capabilities in your possession.

When you believe something to be true you no longer question the validity of what it is you believe to be true. You allow your thinking to follow the same previous patterns and you continue to manifest the same experiences in your life. We have told you Earth has ALL the sensual pleasure for you to learn discipline and moderation. We have also told you Earth has both good and evil forces here so you can learn to develop the God characteristic of strength, discipline, perseverance, patience, compassion, understanding, tolerance, integrity, fortitude, will, order, harmony, balance, righteousness – all for your soul development. What is now required of you is to review you beliefs with an Open Mind, using logic which is the masculine aspect of the God you were created in the image and likeness of and an Open Heart or your FEELINGS, which is the feminine aspect of the God you were created in. This is the male and female aspects in all souls who are created in the image and likeness of God. Question every one of your beliefs and discern what is actually true and this will reprogram the mind control aspects which is currently preventing you from reaching your highest potential as a Co-Creator God.

A small example of what we want you to rethink is something in your society which is called Sin. What is Sin, who developed this concept and for what purpose? There are NO Sins in the mind of God, just learning lessons. Sin is a concept which holds a soul in a state of being with limited potentials if you accept this belief. Here on Earth, in this Spiritual training school, wisdom is learned through experiences. We, The Golden Ones who created this Spiritual Training School, want you to experience all of the sensations of life until you learn through your experiences what is good for you and what is not good for you. You are the only one responsible for your actions. You are the only one who can manifest your reality based on your thinking. You are the only one directly connected to Universal Mind which is programming each of your experiences for the development of your soul. There are NO SINs, just learning experiences. Those who are teaching sin are those who are motivated to control your thinking, your experiences and your development. Our work is to empower you to understand who you are and to develop into the Co-Creator God you came to Earth to be. This is what is called the battle between Good and Evil. There is no battle but an understanding, which we all working towards your soul development and so called evil is a very important part of the illusion for your soul’s growth. Remember, all life comes from God, regardless of its state of awareness.

Those forces who are motivated to control your thinking, experiences and prevent your development are not working towards your development directly but if you truly understand, they are. These forces are the ones who live off of the negative energies of fears, anxieties and low self-esteem created by each soul for the survival of the ones creating the Fears and Anxieties. Again this is all part of your development so you can learn discernment in what is taught and what is true, based on how you feel when you bring the masculine and feminine aspect of your God self into reviewing your beliefs and began reprogramming the untrue aspects of your thinking.

We tell you, you are more powerful than you think because we know of your capabilities as a Co-Creator God in training. There are no limitations of what you can do as there are many souls in this Spiritual Training Class reprogramming their belief system and not accepting the lies which are preventing you from becoming who your are designed to be. When you change your thoughts, you will change your reality. When you learn to look for love in every experience and then learn to be the love in every experience you are then on your way to becoming the Co-Creator God you came here to be.


The Golden Ones