27th Teaching – Apr 2015


As we have mentioned several times, Earth is a Spiritual Training School for developing souls. Earth is filled with many sensual pleasures as well as many opportunities to learn wisdom through life’s experiences through sensual pleasures. You will experience these sensual pleasures through your five senses which will either satisfy the body, mind or soul. The end goal in this training environment is for the soul to align their thoughts and feelings in accordance with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and Unity for the good of ALL as well as develop God characteristics such as discipline, patience, compassion and many more.

In this training environment there is no end time, just completion when the soul has completed their training. We understand the complexity of your training and the thoughts and feelings you will feel at each level as you experience life’s experiences through these three phases of body, mind and soul. Each of you are being monitored through your thoughts and feelings and each of your experiences is designed for your soul’s growth. We want you to remember that each soul on Earth is going through this same training process and each soul is a creation of God. All life comes from God, regardless of their physical appearance or their spiritual level of conscious awareness. As a parent loves all their children regardless, God loves all of his creations regardless and we are all ONE.

There is a duality of consciousness throughout creation. Each planet has what you call a Ying and a Yang, a duality of consciousness which balances itself. Earth also has a duality of consciousness. Lucifer, was designated to be the Task Master on Earth. It is through Lucifer’s temptations which makes each soul in the Spiritual Training School rise into the Light. This is his role, provide the obstacles of temptation of glory, fame, money and security, appealing to the ego of the soul. If the soul is an advance soul, the temptations of Lucifer will have little effect on the soul. If the soul does not have a firm understanding of Self, the soul will entertain the possibilities of the temptations and either indulge or overcome the temptations after much contemplation. Then there is the new soul who will indulge is all aspects of sensual temptation. This is where Satan, Lucifer’s alter aspect of the Divine, will teach the new soul lessons of extremes which will bring hardships to the soul’s body, mind, relationships, responsibilities and karma until the soul starts to learn about Self. This training is necessary for the new recruits who are in this ‘Boot Camp’ here on Earth. This training temptations are necessary which appeals to the insecurities of these souls, to make them stronger eventually and rise into the Light.  We tell you this so you understand the workings of this Spiritual Training School. Lucifer and Satan, one and the same, have a very important role in this Spiritual training school.

Each soul manifests their reality based on the vibration of their DNA. If you have loving thoughts your DNA vibrates at a higher rate of frequency, which allows your thoughts to manifest and your dreams come true, of course the opposite is true. This is also part of Lucifer’s training plan is to fill your Conscious Mind with thoughts other than Love. Dramas around the family, work, relationships, temptations everywhere, so your mind is occupied in unloving thoughts. Understand as we have mentioned previously in our teachings, the Conscious Mind can only focus on one thought at a time. If you are thinking about anything other than Love, you are vibrating at a lower frequency, and your dreams will not manifest.

When you truly understand Earth is a Spiritual training school, then you can focus on the I AM PRESENCE. The I AM PRESENCE is when you see Love in every moment and you are Love in every moment. When your heartfelt souls sees the heartless actions of others, know they are new souls, as your heart too was heartless at one time. Have compassion for your fellow classmates and be thankful for your wisdom as you have advanced beyond their training.

There are many major changes coming to your training environment here on Earth. It would be extremely beneficial to always be in the I AM PRESENCES. When you are in the I AM PRESENCES, you are directly linked to Universal Mind, which every soul is connected to and Universal Mind creates all manifestations. When you are linked to the Universal Mind, you will be guided in every moment, you will have the gift of telepathy. You have this gift now but since you have not raised the frequency in your mind, you are not tuning into the frequency of Universal. When you understand each of your experiences are for your soul’s training, and all drama on Earth is orchestrated so you will develop discipline and concentration, it will be easier for you to see and be Love in every moment.