28th Teaching – May 2015


On 21 December 2012, your Milky Way Galaxy completed its orbit around the Galactic Center, a journey of 25,920 years. Earth transitioned from a 3rd Dimension Consciousness to a 5th Dimension Consciousness planet, a higher frequency of existence. Although the transition may appear insignificant in the hearts and minds of the people on Earth, it is a gradual change which is taking place increasing the frequency on Earth. Eventually, with this change in frequency, it will be difficult for many individuals to stay in this new frequency without making personal changes in their way of thinking, feelings and expression of their selfish behavior.

You are already seeing the exposure of corruption on your planet by these 3rd Dimension Consciousness souls as the veil is being lifted and truth is being revealed. Individuals in leadership positions appear to be heartless, selfish and have an agenda which only serves their own selfish motives. This behavior is common among new souls who have not gone beyond pleasing the sensual aspect of their body. Little by little these individuals in leadership positions who have not transitioned to the 5th Dimension Consciousness will be identified and replaced by heartfelt individuals, working in service of others, vibrating at the highest frequency of Love for the good of ALL. We tell you this so you do not lose faith in the future of your planet and your soul’s development. Souls still resonating in 3rd Dimension Consciousness will be removed from the planet by transitioning and will not be allowed to intergrade with souls vibrating in a 5th Dimension Consciousness.

There is no time in creation, just cycles, a beginning cycle and an ending cycle. Earth’s new cycle is just beginning and you are the future of the new cycle. To stay in harmony with the 5th Dimension Consciousness it is necessary to vibrate in Love, in all you see and all you do. All souls will eventually vibrate at this frequency to stay in the 5th Dimension and when this occurs, the fears and the anxieties created by those heartless leaders who were oblivious to the effects of their selfish motives will be eliminate from this dimension.

To break the bonds of the 3rd Dimension Consciousness, one must move to an understanding of Forgiveness and see your fellow sisters and brothers as family, we are all created from God. Being part of Universal Mind, all your experiences are orchestrated by Universal Mind. No one person has transgressed against you. The person who mistreated you was an instrument of Universal Mind, an orchestrated experience necessary for either a karmic debt or for your learning. Understand this and open your heart to Forgiveness for another and your past transgressions against another. You too have transverse through dimensions and have learned the wisdom of these dimensions on your soul’s journey. Breaks these bonds of 3rd Dimension thinking and move into the frequency of Love in all your feelings, thoughts and actions.

Changes are coming to your planet in moving closer to a One World Government which operates out of a 5th Dimension Frequency of Love. Currently, what is being called a New World Order movement on your planet will not work with a heartless agenda.  The One World Government to come with operate with Universal Laws and Principles for the good of  ALL.  Everything is Perfect on your planet as all events are orchestrated by Universal Mind. The Law of Cause and Affect is constantly in operation and Universal Mind is orchestrating the karmic experiences for the entire planet. All your experiences are based on your thoughts and feelings. As the souls on this planet migrate to a higher frequency, the experiences for all souls on the planet will improve. New souls being born to the planet already are attuned to the higher frequency.

We will tell you that eventually there will be no wars, no restrictions in travel from country to country, no governing police force on the local level as you know it, no monetary system and most importantly no death. The purpose of death is to limit your karmic debt based on the ignorance of your expression of your thoughts and feelings based on your learning. Once you come into the 5th Dimension Consciousness where your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL, the need for death is eliminated. This will happen by adding one more chromosome to your DNA.  There are no little ‘Blue Pills’ to take in the 5th Dimension Consciousness living environment, everything has to be earned through discipline, by being mindful of your thoughts and feelings in every moment.

All life is created by God and all of us are united in this ONENESS with God. This includes all God’s Kingdoms. Mineral, plants, insects, animals, angelic. There is no need to kill any of God’s creations, big or small. Weapons on your planets eventually need to be eliminated.  Place your faith and trust in God’s love for you and know all your life’s experiences are orchestrated by Universal Mind for your soul’s development.

We tell you your DNA vibrates based on your thoughts and feelings.  Accept your sisters and brothers as they are in their soul’s development.  Vibrate love in all your thoughts and feelings, regardless of what Universal Mind orchestrates for you to experience.  When you feel and speak unlovingly of another, your expression is affecting only you. We will continue this teaching later. Remember who you are at all times, created in the image and likeness of God, resonate in Love.

The Golden Ones