29th Teaching – Jun 2015


We ask you to resonate in Love and as you do so, you will vibrate at a higher frequency within your DNA, attracting the cosmic energy allowing your dreams to manifest. Each of you have the power and the ability to manifest your dreams; however, you allow others to control the way your DNA vibrates. When God created each soul in His image and likeness, he did not create sin. When the soul eats from the ‘Tree of Knowledge’, the soul learns through trial and error, through life’s learning experiences and eventually learns wisdom. Sin is a tool used by those in an authority position to control and restrict soul development, purposely. Remember, Lucifer’s role is to make you stronger and grow into the Light and he does this by control and restriction methods, such as fear and guilt tactics, until eventually the soul starts listening to the voice within. Through a series of control and restrictions, through many life’s experiences, the soul will eventually break free from the projected mind control of the outside world, allowing the soul itself to consciously take control of his destiny, this is 5th Dimension Consciousness living.

One of the most restricting and controlling belief souls on Earth are believing in, is the limited intimate expression of their soul for one another in a loving committed relationship. The biological and spiritual benefits of freely expressing your intimate sensual desire and feelings for one another is essential in soul development.  This was God’s designed to remove built-up stressful energies, which prevents your DNA from vibrating at a higher rate of frequency, as well as, clearing blocked Chakra pathways within the body.  This is extremely important especially for the feminine designed emotional feeling individuals. This fact is well known by all religious teachings who teach that intimate expression within a committed relationship needs to be restricted as sexual relationship is against God’s will, NOT SO.   On the contrary, the more intimate expression within a committed relationship will allow both the relationship and the spiritual growth of each soul within the relationship to develop and grow.

We will share a sacred teaching at this time to enhance your intimate relationships. It is the responsibility of the male to please the female, at all times. The male needs to learn to channel his semen inwardly, up the spine to the Crown Chakra. This will allow many benefits for the male as well as for the relationship.  The semen is creative energy and when channeled up the spine, will nourish the males internal organs, creating vitality and longevity within the body.  This creative energy will also stimulate the Crown Chakra which will aid in the spiritual development of the soul. Most importantly, the male will retain his erection, after a few moments and still have the sensual desire and feeling to continue to please his partner in each setting. It is the ultimate responsibility of the male to ensure his partner has as many orgasmic releases within each intimate setting. The male only loses his sensual desire and feeling for his partner after the ejaculation of his semen. Through discipline, the male must learn to retain his semen at all times. It is this inward channeling of the semen which gives the male vitality in his daily life, nourishes his internal organs, stimulates the Crown Chakra and prepares him always to be responsive and responsible to please his partner.

The female’s role in the committed relationship is to nourish the male’s energetic nature, touching, caressing,  pampering and being responsive to his needs, which comes naturally to her; however, her biological needs have to be satisfied first. When the male learns to be responsible to his partner first, she will reciprocate as God designed her to respond from her feeling nature.

Many thousands of years past, the feminine energy governed the planet. There were no wars and the male’s role then as it is now, which is to protect, respect, nourish, provide wisdom and guidance to the feminine nature. Times will return to these days in the new One World Government.

Currently there are too many embedded mind control factors in place in society, which must be removed. We tell you this as through destructions comes constructions. The old outdated 3rd Dimension Consciousness cannot survive in a 5th Dimension Consciousness living environment. This is why we are highly recommending all souls to move the vibration of your DNA from a 3rd Dimension vibration to a 5th Dimension vibration through always seeing and being Love in every moment.

Understand the immature selfish nature of your elected officials and know they will eventually be replace. See the drama of life’s experiences around you and the breakdown of current living patterns as the workings of Universal Mind and know life is unfolding as designed. Do this with compassion for those who must learn the designed of this Spiritual training environment is to transition the selfish into the selfless. Question the motives of your own thoughts and feelings and see if they are selfish or selfless. Discipline your thoughts and feelings and remove all parasitical feelings and anxieties from your Light Body as we have taught through the Emotional Healing Prayer. Finally, stay present in the I AM presences and listen to Universal Mind guiding you in all moment.

Much Love in your spiritual training environment and always remember, you are created in the image and likeness of God.


The Golden Ones