30th Teaching – Jul 2015



The design of this Spiritual Training School on Earth is to have each soul responsible for manifesting their reality based on their thoughts and feelings. The authenticity of the soul to express their thoughts and feelings accordingly to the truth of their soul is extremely important. Understand that each word spoken carries a feeling, each feeling has a vibrations and each vibration is associated with a frequency. It is necessary to choose your words carefully and express your words with love and compassion. It’s not what you say but how you say it, with tact, compassion and an earnest desire to convey the truth for the wellbeing of all.

Your Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA has 46 chromosomes. These 46 chromosomes determine your vibration or frequency based on the expression of your thoughts and feelings. Words and feelings of a lower vibration will only activate less than half of your chromosomes, creating a very low vibration and associated frequency within your aura. Thoughts and feelings of Love, Compassion and heartfelt concern for the welfare of others, will activate most all of the 46 chromosomes, creating a higher vibration and frequency within your Aura. This is why we recommend seeing Love and being Love in every moment.

It’s imperative that you understand that EVERY soul on Earth is in this training school with you. Each soul is working on their Ascension through learning wisdom through their life’s experiences. However, most souls are not aware of their presences in this Spiritual Training School, but this does not excuse them of their karmic responsibility to learning wisdom through Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This is where each soul needs to see Love in every moment. When it is brought to your attentions, where other souls are involved with corruption, stealing, abuse and misappropriating their energies, don’t judge. Judging will only lower the frequency of your own soul. Instead of judging, understand this soul who is misusing their energy is still learning wisdom. Bless them and focus on your own I AM presences. This will do wonders to keep your frequency at its highest.

Remember, EVERY life’s experience in a soul’s daily life is orchestrated by Universal Mind for each soul’s development. Whatever happens to another soul is orchestrated by Universal Mind, regardless of how tragic the life experience maybe. A child being molested is a karmic debt being repaid by the child in understanding how it feel to be violated by another. An abused relationship is also a karmic debt being repaid for the experience of understand your thoughts and feelings in every moment and learning wisdom from life’s experiences. Please don’t judge the life’s experiences of another, just know ALL IS WELL in every moment and have compassion for the soul in the learning process. This will do more for raising your frequency than anything else you could possible do for yourself.

Understand that EVERYTHING which happens on Earth is designed, orchestrated and facilitated by Universal Mind for each soul’s development. Birth, death, disease, health, love, anger, patience, respect, corruption, stealing, loyalty, discipline, perseverance are only a few of the life’s experience which each soul WILL experience until the lesson is learned regardless of how long it takes.

When you raise your frequency it will be easier for your teachers to communicate with you. The higher the frequency you vibrate at allows you to communicate with your Spiritual teachers. Your teachers cannot occupy a vibration which is much lower than their own. So it is necessary for each of you to raise your frequency to experience the gifts associated with your Spiritual Ascension.

Always remember, each soul comes to Earth to serve God out of dedicated Love and Service. You are fortunate to understand this insight to encourage you along your path. Have compassion for your fellow classmates here on Earth for their ignorant and arrogant ways. Remember, you are Co-Creator Gods learning the wisdom of this Spiritual School for your own Ascension.

The Golden Ones