32nd Teaching – Dec 2015


The soul is perfect in every stage of their development, just as a baby is perfect in their development. No one would expect an infant to walk before its time and we would not expect any soul to ascend before their time. Life here in the Spiritual Training School on Earth is for your soul development and ascension into becoming a Co-Creator God, nothing less. Please remember and anchor this is your consciousness that life here on Earth is PERFECT in every moment. Yes, there is so much the soul is required to learn, to comprehend, to understand and to accept. Each soul here is working on their own soul development whether they are conscious of their training or not, they are still learning and held responsible for their thoughts, words and deeds. Each soul is learning to be truthful, to be honest, to be humble, to be respectful, to be compassionate, to be patient, to be disciplined and to align their thoughts and feelings with Universal Laws and Principles in every moment. These learned life’s experiences are anchored in the sub consciousness of the soul as wisdom learnings to be drawn upon instantaneously in each conscious moment as required.

Each soul’s life experiences are purposely designed for each particular soul. Just because one soul is experiencing an event in their life is no indication that every soul or any other soul is required to experience the same event. Life’s experiences are based on the soul’s previous learning, their reaction to these previous life’s experience and how they responded to these learnings from previous training exercises. Remember this is a training environment. Each soul is in training and their life’s experiences are based on their reactions to these previous life’s experiences.

Your conscious mind can only stay focused on one moment at a time. Each soul must comprehend that in every moment of their soul’s life experiences, the life experience is perfect. Once this teaching is accepted, then it will be easier to concentrate on their own soul development. In this Spiritual Training School on Earth, there are many distractions purposely designed to distract a soul from their development. There are many souls not aware of their purpose and many souls are on many different levels of soul development. There are many new souls who are still in the selfish stage of their development who are only interested in fulfilling their sexual desires, or fulfilling their selfish agenda of achieving fame and wealth through deceiving others. Don’t allow these distractions to keep your focus on the drama other soul’s life experiences. Just know all souls are on different levels of development and whether they are conscious or not of their soul’s training agenda, it will not affect any other soul unless you are being distracted by the drama in another’s life.

Universal Mind who orchestrates each life experience for each soul, never orchestrates a life experience which is more than the soul can handle. When presented with a life’s experience, know that Universal Mind knows you are qualified to handle the life experience. The same logic applies to everyone. The question in the consciousness of the soul is not, “Why me?” But the question in the mind of the soul needs to be, “What is my lesson in this life’s experience and how will I plan to handle this experience?”

For your understanding, many new souls come to Earth initially for a short period of time, to acclimate their soul energy to this 5th Dimension environment. No one transitions or dies too early.   Again, all life’s experiences are PERFECT in every moment. Once you truly understand and accept this, then it will be easier to concentrate on your own soul development.

Remember, all souls are all here in training, even our loved ones. Assist each other in their soul’s development. This does not mean that we handle the life’s experience for them. What we mean is have compassion for their journey and when asked, guide them with your wisdom. When you perform the work for another, you delay their soul’s development. This is not compassion.

Remember why you came to this Spiritual Training School, in Love and service for the Oneness of Creation.


The Golden Ones