33rd Teaching – Jan 2016

Your Earth, at one point, was a 5th Dimension Consciousness environment. When Lucifer was designated with the responsibility to bring enlightenment to the souls in training here in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, Earth fell in consciousness and so the souls coming to Earth and the souls already here were subjected to a 3rd Dimension training environment. It was not Lucifer who was the cause of Earth falling from a 5th into a 3rd Dimension Consciousness, it was the path the Earth was travelling in its galactic journey around the Galactic Center. Your Solar System travel 25,920 miles around the Galactic Center as the entire solar system travels through space. As your Solar System journeys, there are different dimensions the Earth must pass through, 3rd Dimension was the previous dimension.


On 21 December 2012, your Solar system completed its previous journey around the Galactic Center and also ended traveling through a 3rd Dimension reality. This is what the Mayan were referring to when they indicated an end to the Mayan calendar which was misinterpret as the end of time. It was the end of the solar system’s journey around the Galactic Center. In reality, Earth and your Solar System started a new 25,920-year journey around the Galactic Center but also migrated into a 5th Dimension reality at the same time. Now that your Solar System is in a new area traveling through space around the Galactic Center, this new area elevated Earth to a 5th Dimension Consciousness.


Since Earth is now in a 5th Dimension Consciousness, the souls now training on Earth must also adapt to the 5th Dimension Consciousness. In a 5th Dimension environment, which is a higher vibration frequency for soul development, each soul will vibrate at a higher frequency and each soul will aspire to become more conscious and responsible of their thoughts, words, deeds and be expressible in a loving manner. This means the developing soul will be more consciously responsible for their health, family, relationships, friends, work and an overall conscious responsibility for a healthier environment in all aspect of their life and life on the Planet Earth. All aspects of life will evolve to a 5th Dimension life style including governments, corporations, banks, social environments and other forms of organizations interactions and being responsible for the well beings of all individuals. Again, everything is always PERFECT in this Spiritual Training School.


Of course there will be some souls unable to vibrate at this higher rate of frequency in the 5th Dimension. These soul will not be able to vibrate at this frequency and will transition to another 3rd Dimension reality Spiritual Training environment. Or these souls will reincarnate back to Earth under the guidance of new parents where they will develop the proper training and discipline as children, increasing the capacity of their soul to vibrate at the higher level.

In 5th Dimension environments, soul’s life spans are extended. Previously in a 3rd Dimension environment, most souls expressed their thoughts, words and actions in a selfish, egotistical manner, which caused much karma. The life span is limited to reduce the amount of karma each soul will manifest for themselves. This is normal when a planet is traveling through a 3rd Dimension reality. It is also an indication the souls on the planet are new souls, still manifesting their sensual desires to please self, not yet aware of their Oneness with Creation and God. Once a soul learns to be conscious in every moment, which is called the I AM Presence, living each moment out of Love, there is no more need for physical death. The soul lives each moment accordingly with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and Unity for the good of ALL. The soul is conscious to make decisions out of Love, for the greater good of all involved, for selfless reasons. This is known as “The Golden Age.”

We remind you of the purpose of this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, preparing each soul as a Co-Creator God. We are headed for “The Golden Age”, an environment where souls live for thousands of years in a loving environment with other loving souls, working together with Universal Laws and Principles.

Lucifer’s role is to assist each soul in developing God Characteristics through repeated life’s experiences and eventually bringing the soul into enlightenment. He does this through temptations in all aspects of life’s experiences. Lucifer knows the weakness of each soul and will continue to tempt the soul until the soul develops the God Characteristic to resist the temptation through internal strength of discipline, perseverance, patience, will power and other God Characteristics. Eventually, the soul learns there is no satisfaction in pleasing the ego or the body and real satisfaction comes when the soul appreciates serving others. This is when the soul starts vibrating at a higher frequency.

We again remind you of your choice to come to Earth and participate is this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School; and in becoming a Co-Creator God, and for the Love of God, devotion to serve all creation in the ONENESS of life.