35th Teaching – Mar 2016

The Soul’s Journey

The soul’s journey started eons before coming to Earth. In coming to Earth, there are new feelings experienced by the soul, never felt before; feelings of being abandoned, isolated, unloved, lost, loneliness and forgotten. These feelings which have never been felt by the soul are all part of the soul’s journey, as each soul made the choice to come to Earth out of love and their dedicated service to God.   You have always been and will be cared for, will always be loved and will always be connected to God. You are the elite of the Universe, you have served and dedicated your soul to serve God to the highest of highs, and now you are here continuing your love and dedication. We tell you this because we want you to always remember what is anchored deep inside you in the truth of your being. Your Conscious Mind is an aspect of your being, new to you since coming to Earth, because now you have Free-Will.

Each soul goes through a metamorphosis, from ego man to Spiritual man for the sole purpose of becoming a Co-Creator God. This process will take many thousands years, many incarnations through different nationalities, genders and social status. The purpose is for each soul to gain knowledge, experiences and wisdom, developing and cultivating wisdom through life’s experiences and also master many of God characteristics, such as patience, faith, trust, discipline and perseverance, to name a few. You are created in the image and likeness of God and these characteristics will become more apparent to you as you find no lasting satisfaction in the sensual pleasures and temptations on Earth, which is pleasing to the ego self. When pleasing the sensual nature, no longer satisfies the soul, the ego self will vanish. As you evolve in awareness and God consciousness through the service of others, the transformation from ego self will be apparent. This will come naturally when you are ready, never force change. Learn from your experiences, what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. Your feelings are connected to the Heart and Mind of God. Learn to trust your feelings; this is your True Nature even before you came to Earth.

The soul comes to Earth by choice. It is the transformation process of a soul to come here when they reach that pinnacle point of their soul’s journey. There is no awareness or concern of what the soul will experience in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, as the soul has always been loved and nurtured through their development and trust it will continue. The soul has no memory of previous family, friends, accomplishments, talents and abilities as there is a deep understanding which the soul knows of their Oneness with creation and never will be separated from this Oneness. In coming to Earth, the metaphor of eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge is indicating, knowledge can only be achieved through life’s experiences. Wisdom comes through the wise use of knowledge. Repeated life’s experiences, reinforces the knowledge learned and eventually the soul learns the wisdom from life’s experiences. There is no short cut to achieve wisdom. Only through observation and life’s experiences can a soul learn wisdom. Once wisdom is learned, it is never lost. This is one reason why souls can never remember previous life’s experiences. It is not who or what you were in a previous, or the role you played. It is how you played your role, the wisdom and love expressed through the soul’s experiences, which determines the wisdom learned and the soul’s progression to ascension.

In coming to Earth the soul is connected to the Heart and Mind of God but has no understanding of this awareness, capability and functionality of this connection. The soul also has a mind and with free will, can either listen to the thoughts and feelings coming from the Heart and Mind of God or listen to the selfish thoughts generated by their own observation and life’s experiences, motivated by the ego. The soul will eventually listen to the Heart and Mind of God as they raise their frequency, acquiring more wisdom along their path. This Spiritual Hierarchy Training School is designed to provide life’s experiences for all aspects of soul development through the various stages of soul ascension, which is the Egoic Soul, The Spirit Soul and the Co-Creator God Soul. All sensual temptations are provided in this class room not only for the soul’s life experiences to learn wisdom but also to develop all God’s characteristics such as discipline, patience, perseverance, compassion and acceptance, to name a few. There is no time limit on the completion of this Spiritual designed training environment. When the soul learns to be conscious in each moment, making the right decision with Love and Wisdom for the greatest good of ALL, then the soul will Ascend.

All life comes from God. All kingdoms are connected to the Mind of God, including the plants, insects, animals, souls and angelic. These kingdoms have no free will. These kingdoms listen to the Heart and Mind of God and follow the guidance received. The souls who have not entered this Spiritual Training School here on Earth also listen to the Heart and Mind of God, who are still in the metaphor Garden of Eden. When you understand the preciousness of life, which is we are all One and ALL part of the Oneness of creation, your consciousness will take on a whole new understanding of who you are. Earth is designed to educate each soul in becoming a Co-Creator God. Each soul has this capability anchored within them but the secret is to come full circle. Full circle from how the soul listen to the Heart and Mind of God before coming to Earth, to being conscious in every moment, listening to the Heart and Mind of God, using wisdom and compassion, which is the soul’s free will, making decisions for the good of ALL, for all the kingdoms of creation.

Each soul is created in the image and likeness of God; understand you are god beings. You will quicken your conscious awareness and raise the vibrational frequency of your soul if you start to think as how you imagine God would think and act in challenging situations. Do not think from a personal viewpoint but think from a perspective view of what you believe God would do in each situation. Learn to take on the consciousness of God, after all, you have this capability within you. This perspective of thinking will raise the frequency within the soul to vibrate at a higher rate of existence. It will also condition the soul to be consciously aware of their thoughts and feelings in every moment, which will attune the soul in becoming telepathic. Being telepathic is a gift bestowed upon the soul when the soul accepts their Oneness with creation, accepting their responsibility as a soul in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School. Remember each soul is connected to the Heart and Mind of God. Being connected to the Heart and Mind of God means that in EVERY moment of the soul’s journey on Earth, the soul’s journey is orchestrated for their development as a Co-Creator God. There are no accidents or miracles on Earth; everything is orchestrated by the Heart and Mind of God. Understand this and your challenges on Earth will be stepping stones to your ascension. There is always a solution for each challenge. The motivating thoughts and feelings in overcoming these challenges sometimes is the challenge.

There are several aspects of God within you which needs to be activated. No one can activate these aspects for another soul. This is part of the soul’s journey is to be accepting of another soul and allowing them to grow in their own understanding and awareness of who they are. It can be very difficult to watch another soul struggle with their life’s challenges, but this is their training plan, orchestrated by the Heart and Mind of God. There is a fine line between compassion and controlling. Remember to think as God in your decision process. When a soul takes on the burden of another soul, the soul taking on the burden is denying the soul from learning through their challenges.

Always remember who you are, created in the image and likeness of God, you are gods, training to become Co-Creator Gods. School here on Earth is extremely challenging. Nothing here is real and does not last forever. You are loved and watched over. Your sole purpose is to learn wisdom, develop God characteristics and learned to be conscious in every moment. You are in training in every moment on Earth and it is with deep love, appreciation and gratitude for choosing to come to Earth. You are supported in every step of your soul’s journey.

The Golden Ones