36th Teaching – Apr 2016

The Soul’s Purpose

The overall soul’s purpose is to complete the training curriculum in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School here on Earth. This school was created by us, The Golden Ones, who are Co-Creator Gods, ordained by God to assist in training future Co-Creator Gods for the sole purpose of maintaining the functionality of God’s many kingdoms. Earth is a Spiritual Training School sanctioned by the Galactic Council; a playground to learn wisdom and develop God characteristics through life’s experience’s and understand and master the many Universal Laws and Principles of creation. To discern right from wrong through life’s experiences using Free-Will and Conscious Mind. The dramas on Earth may seem real to each soul, while experiencing life, but the reality is, each soul is learning through these experiences. The Heart and Mind of God orchestrates every experience for the soul based on the developing stage of the soul and their reaction to life’s experiences. There is no death, just repeated performances based on previous life’s experiences. There are no conscious memories of these previous carnations of life’s experiences, as the soul’s ego and conscious mind is not disciplined yet to understand these previous lives are not real. The soul’s being will understand and absorb the wisdom learned from each previous life’s experience. Souls from many different Star Systems and galaxies come to Earth for the opportunity to continue their dedicated service and love for God by training to become a Co-Creator God.

The Galactic Council consist of members from many various star systems who have an invested interest in the training conducted here on Earth as it is the souls from their star systems in training. The training environment accommodates all aspects of experiences possible to insure adequate experiences to take place for each soul. Eventually, through life’s experiences the soul will learn that nothing can happen to them unless they have created the experience necessary for their learning. If the soul steal from another, then another soul will steal from them. The Law of Cause and Effect.

God’s Kingdoms are constantly evolving, expanding and multiplying. There are many dimensions and realities that exist throughout trillions of galaxies in the heavens. The heavens are governed by Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL. Every galaxy requires an over seer to facilitate the operations of their galaxy. Where there are angels to serve God, there are also Co-Creator Gods to assist God in the administration of these galaxies. The angels are not creators; they are administrators of God’s laws. They govern themselves by innate intelligence with love and dedicated serve to God, completely. It is the Co-Creator Gods who are trained and ordained to assist God in maintaining the Universal Laws and Principles in their designated galaxy.

When the soul leaves the Metaphor “Garden of Eden” and initially comes to Earth they are calibrated to vibrate at various frequencies which included the capability of reasoning, Free Will. Previously the soul was connected to the Heart and Mind of God and followed the guidance they receive intuitively, which is a very high vibrational frequency. This process continues when they are here in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School on Earth but now with reasoning abilities and choice, the attuning to the higher vibrational frequency of the Heart and Mind of God is a challenging learning objective. There are now many different vibrational frequencies here on Earth ranging from very low to very high.

Each soul in training is responsible for creating their own reality based on their thoughts and feelings, which is the manifestation process, another learning objective. The manifestation process on Earth is at a slower vibrational frequency as it takes time for the manifestation to take place. This is intentional on the Earth realm as the soul is not discipline in understanding the ramification of their thoughts and feelings and manifestations need to be well planned and thought out before materializing. In the higher realms of creations where the vibrational frequency is extremely fast and the Co-Creator Gods are schooled in the manifestation process, materialization is instant. This is why the soul has to be schooled in the various aspects of Universal Laws and Principles as well as being disciplined in the understanding of the God Principle for governing each galaxy.

Another teaching objective is to learn the various Universal Laws and Principles and apply these laws and principles in the soul’s daily life. These laws and principles are designed to be apply with the thoughts and feelings of the soul with harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL. Being always connected to the Heart and Mind of God, the motivational energy applied to each thought and feeling by the soul is registered in the Heart and Mind of God. The soul, unaware of this connection, strategies his plans for survival in his daily life, regardless of the motivational energy behind their actions, selfish or selfless, Cause and Effect will rule.

Another learning objective is for the soul to use their wisdom learned in applying this knowledge in accordance with Universal Laws and Principles for the good of ALL. Once the learning of knowledge and eventually obtaining the wisdom is achieved, what does the soul do with this wisdom? This is where the soul learns discernment. Eventually, the soul will use the wisdom in service for God.

This information is already anchored in your soul. When you read these words, it will trigger a connection within you to strength your commitment in service to God and the Oneness of Creation. We will explain the Obstacles located in this training curriculum in our next writing. Remember who you are: Co-Creator Gods in training and more powerful than you can imagine. You are loved and guided, guarded, directed and protected in all you are and all you do. Every moment of your existence in this training curriculum is orchestrated perfectly for each soul.