37th Teaching – May 2016

The Soul’s Obstacles

When the soul initially comes to Earth, they have descended to a 3rd Dimension Frequency environment. A slower frequency vibration environment from where they came from. In a slower vibrational frequency environment, the energy on Earth is denser and slow to vibrate; like steam changing to water. The Law of Cause and Effect takes longer to be enforced until the soul becomes more attuned and understands they are responsible for creating their reality with their thoughts and feelings.  Initially, the soul will be motivated by selfish desires for survival. Caring only for self for all their sensual and essential requirements.

There is no one to teach these souls the purpose of their existence. They are gifted with many latent talents and abilities; however, it is up to each soul to discover for themselves, to look within and connect to the Heart and Mind of God to receive all their answers; eventually each soul will connect.

Another obstacle for the soul to overcome is to learn the various Universal Laws and Principles and apply these laws and principles in their daily life. This can only be accomplished by observation and trial and error. The ideal learned experience is for these laws and principles be apply with the thoughts and feelings of the soul with harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL. Being always connected to the Heart and Mind of God, the motivational energy applied to each thought and feeling by the soul is registered in the Heart and Mind of God. The soul, unaware of this connection, uses strategies in their plans for survival in their daily life. It takes many life times for the soul to mature from the selfish, egoic soul, seeking only sensual gratification for the body, to a soul who starts to understand there is more to life than thinking about self.

During the Egoic stage of development, Archangel Lucifer is the teacher for these souls. The soul, always connected to the Heart and Mind of God, will undergo learning through the teachings of Archangel Lucifer in everyday life’s experiences. Each soul will have their own individual training agenda. Learning the Law of Cause and Effect is one of the primary Universal law; doing unto others will be done unto the soul; what you sow is what you’ll reap; an eye for an eye. All sayings which means the same, Karma. Archangel Lucifer will tempt each soul in the areas where each soul will need to learn their lessons, whether it is forgiveness, sharing, being responsible, respect, honor, compassion, discipline, patience; any area of the soul’s development where the Egoic Self is required to be crucified, so the Spiritual Self can flourish. Of course this may take many life times, but it will happen. We all know that when we over indulge in any one of life’s pleasures, there is a price to pay. Through life’s experiences, each soul learns the many lessons of developing God’s characteristics by being conscious in every moment and through their thoughts and feelings, making the right decision to the best of their ability.

Archangel Lucifer, The Bringer of Light, role is to tempt each soul in all areas of the Egoic Self nature until the soul learns there is no soul satisfaction in the sensual fulfillment of pleasing the body. Whether life’s experiences relates to foods, drugs, alcohol, sexual gratification, greed or power, the soul will eventually reach a point where they have indulged too much and a conscious realization within the soul takes place where a life altering change needs to be made in the way they are experiencing their daily life. At this point, Archangel Lucifer has accomplished his mission in elevating the soul from the Egoic Self to the Spiritual Self. However, Archangel Lucifer will continue to be diligent in working with each soul until the soul has reached Ascension.

God has created everything in existence; all life is precious; all life has a purpose; all life is good; and, all of creation is a ONENESS. The final stage of the soul’s development is to transition from Spiritual Self to the Co-Creator God Self. This is when the soul fully comprehends the ONENESS of Creation. Understands to be conscious in every moment, listening to the Heart and Mind of God when making decisions in life’s experiences. Respecting and accepting each soul in the various stages of their soul development and the learning lessons each soul must endure, compassion. Respecting the various kingdoms knowing it must have a purpose. Accepting all life experiences in any moment in time, knowing there is a reason and a purpose to each insignificant life experiences in the lives of every soul on Earth.

Not an easy path to tread, but each soul has volunteered to come to Earth out of a sincere desire to continue to serve God in a divine loving service, no matter of the obstacles.

Again we want to remind all of you on how much you are loved and are always guided, guarded, directed and protected in all your endeavors. Seek the voice within and learn to discern between the guidance from the Heart and Mind of God or from Archangel Lucifer who is always tempting each soul, to make sure they have learned their lesson. We will discuss “Thoughts” and where they come from in our next teaching.