39th Teaching – Jul 2016

God Characteristics

Adam and Eve eating an apple from the Tree of Knowledge is a metaphor which refers to wisdom being obtained through life’s experiences. A soul must indulge in whatever subject matter they are interested in, to gain knowledge. A soul consumes the knowledge through life’s experiences or observation. The wise use of knowledge is wisdom.

Previously we mentioned that one of the purposes of the soul coming to Earth was to train to become a Co-Creator God. While in training, the soul, through life’s experiences, learns through experiences of the many Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL. The soul will also learn, eventually, that all life comes from God, all life makes up the many kingdoms of God and all life is good. In Nature, all God’s Kingdoms work together to manifest harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL. The major kingdoms are the Mineral, Plant, Insect and the Animal Kingdom. All these kingdoms are guide by Divine Consciousness, through the Heart and Mind of God. As a soul evolves in consciousness, the soul becomes more attuned to the spiritual aspects of self-development. The breakthrough for the soul comes when the soul actually understands his purpose of being on Earth and comprehends his path as a soul in training to become a Co-Creator God.

The soul, having Free-Will, will indulge or experience all aspects of Earth’s sensual pleasures as the soul migrates through the different stages of ascension. As the soul experiences these sensual pleasures of Earth, the soul will experience different sensual pleasures through different frequencies as the soul travels from pleasing his body, the Egoic Self; Pleasing his soul, the Spiritual Self and finally pleasing God, the Co-Creator Self.

Being connected to the Heart and Mind of God, the soul’s thoughts and feelings are constantly being monitored which determines their life’s experiences, which determines the training curriculum for the soul. It is important to understand, that not only the quality of the thoughts and feelings are measured but also the quality of the soul’s motivating energy which gives energy to the thoughts and feelings and creates the soul’s reality. Based on the soul’s response to life’s experiences will determine the soul’s training assignments through life’s experiences. There is not an immediate life experience manifested for the soul as part of the training curriculum as the soul may not be able to handle the required life experience necessary for the learning objective. As a soul becomes wiser through life’s experiences, the soul will understand that all life’s experience don’t always relate to karma but more importantly, relate to acquiring the characteristics to become a Co-Creator God.

Not only is the soul’s reality being manifested based on the quality of the thoughts and feelings expressed by the soul in responding to life’s experiences, but also the quality of the character of the soul is being prepared to reflect the characteristics quality of God.

Eventually, the soul will respond to life’s experiences by emanating the consciousness of God. The soul will become conscious in every moment of the thoughts and feelings being perceived through the soul’s awareness during life’s experiences and will respond with an intended conscious action of perceiving the right response based on the greatest good for the greatest number. The welfare of the soul becomes secondary, as the primary objective of the soul is to become attune to Nature and work in harmony with the other kingdoms of God.

Life’s experiences are not only based on the Law of Cause and Effect, which creates the karmic reality for each soul; but, also entwined in these life’s experiences are lessons to develop and master the many multitudes of God’s characteristics. Some of these God’s characteristics are patience, respect, truth, compassion, awareness, understanding, thoughtfulness and many more.

We remind you, your life’s experiences are lessons, lessons to learn wisdom and lessons to acquire and master the qualities of God’s characteristics. While experiencing a Life Experience, stay in the I AM Presence and ask yourself, “What is my lesson to learn through this experience?”. Wait and listen for the answer from within. The more this practice is consciously applied, the sooner the soul will start to develop a rapport with the Heart and Mind of God from within. This is how the gift of Telepathy is developed within the soul. By constantly asking questions and listening within, eventually, the soul will attune his brain’s frequency to listen to the frequency which the Heart and Mind of God is broadcasting to the soul.

Again, we remind you that you are Loved and are always guided, guarded, directed and protected. Not only here on Earth, but always on your journey, serving the will of God. In our next teaching, we want to discuss how Life’s Experiences teaches the soul about Forgiveness in our classroom here on Earth.