40th Teaching – Aug 2016


“We have told you that every experience in the Spiritual Hierarchy Training School is orchestrated uniquely for each soul. These soul learning experiences are designed to do just that: create experiences for each soul to learn. Experiences create knowledge; wise use of knowledge creates wisdom. Universal Mind is connected with each soul in every moment and knows what experiences are necessary for each soul’s growth. Every thought, word, and deed manifested by each soul is registered in Universal Mind and is used by Universal Mind for each soul’s development and experiences.

Each soul is also an instrument to be used by Universal mind to either create opportunities for those soul who deserve it; or, create retribution for a karmic injustice. Specifically, any soul who commits a violation against another soul was purposely designed to do so by Universal Mind.

“Now we want to explain the purpose of Forgiveness.

“When a soul creates an experience and the ingredients of the experience are not in accordance with Universal Laws and Principles, especially if the ingredients gain from or knowingly take advantage of the ignorance of another soul, Universal Mind will facilitate a soul lesson for the one who created the experience. When a soul commits a selfish transgression, the soul who creates this selfish act is only thinking about self. If the soul thought about the feelings of the other, the soul might not follow through with its transgression. Universal Mind will facilitate a soul learning experience for the soul who committed the transgression. Once a soul is the recipient of another soul’s transgression, the soul experiences those feelings. This scenario, repeated several times, will eventually teach the soul the wrongfulness in transgressing against another by feeling how it feels to be a recipient of a transgression act created by another soul.

“All experiences are facilitated by Universal Mind in every moment. Universal Mind facilitates all souls’ transgressions and responds accordingly. There are no differences between big lies and little lies. A soul can never justify committing a transgression regardless of the soul’s thinking, whether it is a selfish transgression or one in retaliation to another soul’s transgression. You are in training to be a Co-Creator God. The Universe operates under the principles of harmony, balance, order, and unity in every moment. Souls in training to become Co-Creator Gods must consciously adhere to these Universal Principles in every moment.

“Now we come to the purpose of Forgiveness. Knowing that Universal Mind facilitates all karmic soul learning lessons, regardless of the transgression committed against a soul by another soul, the appropriate response in all situations is forgiveness. When a soul is the recipient of a transgression act and acknowledges that the only way the soul is experiencing this transgression is through prior actions of their own, asking the Universe to forgive self and their perpetrator removes the karmic debt. The karmic soul learning lesson is learned immediately and never has to be repeated. However, if the soul does not accept the karmic soul learning lesson and blames the other soul for the transgression and even harbors feelings other than forgiveness and love, the karmic lesson will be repeated over and over until the soul spiritual awareness is obtained and the soul’s learning lesson is learned.

“It is the responsibility of each soul to be consciously aware in every moment and to understand the tremendous responsibility they are accepting in their training to become a Co-Creator God. This is your mission. Each soul must be aware in every moment of its thoughts, and must choose the correct thinking in accordance with Universal Laws and Principles.

“Constantly remind yourself as you play in the Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here. Remember, you are in training to become Co-Creator Gods in a spiritual training curriculum by choice, based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.