41st Teachings – Sep 2016


In this Hierarchy Spiritual Training School here on Earth, governed and protected by the Galactic Council, each soul is learning to become a Co-Creator God. Your purpose here is purposely being withheld from you, from those who are in control of the governing forces on Earth. These governing forces know of your creative energy and how to manipulate your thinking, preventing each soul from using their Free-Will and utilizing these souls to work as slaves to fulfill their agenda. This is also part of your training, to discern the difference between what you are being taught as being true and what you “Feel” is the truth.

Through many incarnations, each soul has the opportunity to experience many different aspects of creation, such as different genders, nationalities, social status, occupations, health, wealth, pleasure and pain. In each incarnation, the soul has life learning experiences and learns wisdom and this wisdom is carried forward within the Akashic Records of each soul. Eventually, as a soul evolves in conscious awareness through life’s experiences and abides by the learned Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of All, there is no need to continue on a death and rebirth cycle, as the soul has learned the meaning of ONENESS and has respect for the other kingdoms of God, the soul now is ready for Ascension. Ascension takes place when each soul finishes their own wiring of their DNA and transitions from 46 to 48 chromosomes.

Everything a soul imagines what God is, is exactly what each soul will aspire to be and will become. Every acorn grows into a might oak tree; it is in their DNA.    Every seed from Nature replicates where it was sowed from; it is in their DNA. Every offspring from any of the many Insect or Animal Kingdom will mature as an adult in each of their kingdoms; it is in their DNA. We tell you this so you can understand where your future is as a Co-Creator God because it is in your DNA.

We will also tell you there are different frequencies affecting the DNA of your soul development; as if you are a radio or television station with the capability of tuning into different frequencies like a receiving station. There are many different messages being broadcast on these various frequencies and received by each soul, it is the soul’s responsibility to attune to the higher frequencies which will resonate and vibrate with their soul’s Light Body and finish the wiring of their DNA, activating the chromosomes for Ascension.

Within each frequency, the soul will hear a broadcast message in the receiving station of their brain. The soul will interpret these thoughts as their own, but they are not. There are many different sources of where these broadcasting messages or thoughts have originated. Having Free-Will, this is where the soul has the responsibility of discerning which frequency to listen to; what message within a particular frequency to follow; what message will support the wiring of their DNA; and, what message will become a distraction from the soul’s purpose. We will also tell you that Universal Mind is constantly broadcasting guiding messages to each soul on what the recommended path to their current life’s experience might be; or, responding to a question in the conscious mind of the soul.  Having Free-Will, it is the soul’s choice to decide which frequency will create a life’s experience they want to indulge in. Again, every thought, word and action when received in the brain and acted on, determines the karmic life experience for the soul. We will bring to your attention that most souls are not aware of this process, receiving and broadcasting a message to and from Universal Mind. Most souls are not consciously aware of their thoughts and the messages they are broadcasting. Also, most souls are not consciously aware that Universal Mind is constantly answering their queries, souls, when thinking within their own mind, are not consciously looking for an answer and unaware of receiving a message from Universal Mind. Once a soul becomes aware of broadcasting and receiving, back and forth with Universal Mind, the gift of telepath will be acquired, establishing the fact that the soul has learned to attune their brain to listen to the frequency in which Universal Mind broadcast messages to the soul.

Now we will discuss the process of broadcasting frequency by each soul and the responsibility that goes with this gift. As a soul becomes aware of their capabilities of being both a receiving and broadcasting facility, the opportunity of successfully finishing the wiring of their DNA is increased. It depends on the quality of the frequency being transmitted by the soul. If the quality of the frequency is in harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of All and in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles, which is Love, then all 46 chromosomes of the DNA will be activated. Now we will ask each soul what message are they broadcasting from their broadcasting station to their family, friends and loved ones? Is it a message of love, compassion, empowerment, encouragement, truth and possibilities? You will understand when another soul is broadcasting a message which is not in alignment with your soul’s DNA, the soul will automatically tune-out from listening to that soul’s frequency. You will also understand when a soul is broadcasting a message which is in alignment with your soul’s DNA, you will tune-in to their frequency.

What each soul must understand is they are constantly in communication with Universal Mind, both receiving and broadcasting. If the soul is unaware of listening to the receiving thoughts in their brain, then they will miss the guidance from Universal Mind. This is what Prayer is, asking for assistance from God. Universal Mind is constantly transmitting guidance to the soul; but, the soul has to be conscious of these thoughts in their mind. At first, trust has to be establish on the part of the soul to discern they are actually receiving a message from Universal Mind. Universal Mind will educate the soul in how to listen by facilitating learning experiences and bringing these life’s experiences to the conscious awareness of the soul.

There are Universal Laws and Principles to understand when communicating with Universal Mind. All abilities, knowledge, gifts and blessings come from God. The soul, created in the image and likeness, will inherit all God’s characteristics through life’s experiences. When the soul believes they are separate from God and not in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles, then the karmic learning lessons continues. We are ALL one with God, even One with all the Insects and Animal Kingdoms, as ALL life comes from God. Be appreciative of your state of being, regardless of what it is. Yes, it could be better; and, of course, it could be much worse. All life’s experiences are for the soul’s learning. Your Prayers do not have to be wordy. Be direct, be thankful, be appreciative, be humble, be brief and be sincere. Universal Mind knows your circumstances; but also respects your Free-Will. Ask and you shall receive. We will tell you repetitive, prepared memorized statements are not prayers. Prayers are heartfelt thoughts or words, from the soul’s innermost being to God.

Why some prayers go unanswered. Unanswered Prayers are a gift from God. The Universal Mind, who is the facilitator of all manifestations on Earth, understands the dilemma the soul is experiencing when prayers are motivated by self-interest, ignorance or a lack of understanding. To maintain the integrity of the soul’s development, these requests are not always facilitated by Universal Mind. The soul will not realize this in the moment the soul is praying, but looking back as future experiences unfold, the soul will understand when reminded why their prayers were not answered.

A soul, through life’s experiences, develops a “Knowing Awareness” and this requires faith and trust with their inner guidance. Developing this “Knowing Awareness” requires practices and discipline in discerning between the different messages from various frequencies from within during a meditative state. A meditative state will assist the soul in becoming cognitive of their thoughts, thinking and feelings. This meditative state can be a walking meditative state, during their exercise routine or during times when commuting. The soul is in a meditative state of being when the soul is consciously alone and has an exchange of thoughts and thinking between themselves and Universal Mind. Once this communication exchange is developed, the soul will learn to tune into this frequency with Universal Mind and develop a dialogue, which will be the soul’s prayer.

We will explain the relationship of frequencies in the body and its relationship to disease and the soul’s DNA in our next correspondence.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in this Spiritual Play Ground of Life who you are and why you are here. You are Co-Creator Gods in training, dedicating your love and service to God, completely. Respect one another, as we are all ONE. Many souls are in different stages of their Ascension process and their immature, selfish demeanor may not resonate with you. However, this is also part of your training, to be accepting, understanding, compassionate, patient and forgiving to one another.

The Golden Ones