42nd Teaching – Sep 2016

Cause of Disease in the Body.

We will tell you that each soul is responsible for finishing the wiring of their own DNA from 46 to 48 chromosomes. 48 Chromosomes will end the cycle of birth, death and birth again. The chromosomes in your DNA are programmed to respond directly to the quality of thoughts, feelings and actions broadcasted by the soul. If the soul resonates in harmony with Universal Laws and Principles of ONENESS, harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL life forms, including all the kingdoms of God, then ALL the chromosomes will vibrate. The more the chromosomes vibrate, higher frequency energy can be received by the soul’s receiving station. The more the chromosomes vibrate, it expands their capacity to receive higher frequencies from various sources in the Universe, which causes a metamorphous change within the soul, similar to the caterpillar changing into a butterfly.

When a soul is in a mundane state of being, not consciously aware of their spiritual connection to the world, less than half of their chromosomes will vibrate, which will prevent higher frequencies to be received by the soul. Artificial stimulates, such as drugs, will allows higher frequencies to be received by the soul’s receiving station before the chromosomes have been properly prepared to facilitate these higher frequencies, causes an overload in the brain’s capacity to function properly. This is one of the main reasons your mental hospitals are filled with souls who have lost their reasoning capabilities. Many of these souls in mental hospitals have used artificial stimulates to achieve a state known as getting “High”, relating to an increase in artificially expanding the capacity of the soul’s chromosomes to vibrate at a higher frequency, beyond the body’s normal natural capacity to facilitate these higher frequencies. There are no shortcuts to properly prepare the soul’s Chromosomes to receive higher frequencies and achieve wisdom and Ascension without the proper preparation of comprehending, understanding and abiding by Universal Laws and Principles through the value of Life’s Experiences and discipline. Eventually, all souls will Ascend, it is just a matter of time. It is not in the interest of the ONENESS of creation to allow any soul to Ascend before their time, regardless of how long it takes.

Causes of disease in the body is based on one principle. This principle is the misuse of messages being received by the soul, which are low frequency vibration messages received in the brain as thoughts and the soul acts on these low frequency vibration messages, which causes dis-ease in the body and karmic life experiences. Regardless of how insignificant the dis-ease is in the body, it is directly related to the soul’s thinking. Here is how the process works. When a low vibration frequency message is received by the soul and not automatically discarded, the soul starts to entertain this low frequency vibrational message. As an example, if the message relates to responding to a negative verbal message presented by an outside source and the receiving soul responds verbally, broadcasting a low frequency vibrational message as a response, using the energy of the Throat Chakra, the negative response by the soul, causes a restriction flow or a dis-ease in the normal flow of vibrant energy to the Throat Chakra. If continued over time, misusing the Throat Chakra Energy by lying or purposely not being truthful, the soul will develop some form of illness to the mouth, tongue or throat area. This is a direct cause and effect of the misuse of low frequency vibration. In a normal day, there are thousands of messages being received by each soul, which the soul has to discern which frequency messages the soul will entertain and broadcast. This process seems automatic to each soul who is unaware of the manifestation process. There are also seven main Chakras in the body and many minor Chakra or energy points in the body which will be affected by the soul misusing the broadcasting of low frequency vibrational messages throughout the body.

Same principle but an indirect occurrence is a delay in the Effect of the karmic life’s experience created by the soul. This is the results of the Cause being created in a previous carnation and the Effect is manifesting in the soul’s current carnation. Delays in events like this are manifested by Universal Mind as Universal Mind knows the Effect will be better learned by the soul and mentally tolerated at a later date, then immediately at the time of the Cause.

We recommend meditation as a process to become aware of all thoughts permeating the receiving station within the brain. Meditation will slow down the thinking process and educate the soul in becoming aware of their receiving thoughts and discerning which thoughts to entertain and which thoughts to discard. Once the soul initiates a process to attune their Light Body to the types of frequencies which resonates with their Feeling Body, low frequency vibrational messages which eventually dissipate.

We highly recommend using a technique we have given, which is located on this website as demonstration video called, “Prayer To Remove Emotional Parasites.”   This technique will remove all Discordant Energy disruptions in the soul’s Light Body. We call these Energy Distortions, Emotional Parasites, as these Energy Distortions suck the life energy from your Light Body and prevents the soul from becoming the Co-Creator God they were designed to be. These parasites are low frequency vibrational messages received in the receiving station of the soul as thoughts of doubts, fear or guilt. When the soul entertains these parasites they attach themselves to Light Body, the parasites immediately sucks the life energy from the soul, preventing the soul from initiating the life energy force into creative thinking or manifestation of their dreams into a reality. This prayer will immediately remove these low vibrational parasites frequencies from the soul’s Light Body. However, the soul has to be consciously aware of their thoughts and thinking process to catch these parasites at work. These parasites show up in the thought or thinking process of the soul as guilt, fears and doubts and any other form of sabotaging thinking, preventing the soul from excelling in their creative thinking process.

There are two prayers we have presented to protect each soul from the low vibrational frequencies in this Spiritual Training School here on Earth. These prayers are “The Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites” and “Prayer of Protection.”  “The Pray to Remove Emotional Parasites” is design to clear all low vibrational parasitical frequencies from the soul’s Light Body. Once removed from the Light Body, these Emotional Parasites can be attached again if the soul’s thinking is not permanently corrected. The “Prayer of Protection” is designed to remove low vibrational parasitical entities attached to the soul’s Light Body. Low vibrational entities are souls in a transitional stage between Earth and the next real of their existence. We will say they are not lost souls as no soul is ever lost. We will say these souls are finding their way and may attach themselves to another soul in hopes of finding solitude during their transition, like shelter during a storm. While these transitional entities are attached to a soul, the low vibrational thinking pattern of these transitional souls will affect the host soul they ate attached to. Just be mindful of your thinking and actions and if you appear to be Out of Character, say The Prayer of Protection to remove any outside attachment to your Light Body. Both these prayers are available and recommended to be used constantly as these parasites have a means of sneaking in and attaching to the Light Body.

We will remind you that Universal Mind is the facilitator of ALL manifestations in this Spiritual Training Playground on Earth. Each soul is used by Universal Mind as either an instrument to facilitate a life experience for another soul or to be an Effect of a life experience Caused by another soul used as an instrument to facilitate a life experience. One of the sole purpose of this realm is to train souls in becoming Co-Creator Gods. Nothing in this realm is forever, except for the Ascension of those souls who have successfully finished the wiring of their DNA, everything else is an illusion.  There are no lasting physical deaths; the pain and sensual feelings are necessary to code you Akashic Record for development of God Characteristic; life’s experiences are necessary to acquire wisdom and prepare the soul for their nest real of existence.

There are no hierarchy in God’s Kingdoms. The bumble bee is no more important than the ants; the lion is no smarter or wiser that the owl; ginger is just as good as garlic; oak trees are respected as much as the maple tree and angels are just as important as ignorant souls. We are all ONE. As soon as the soul comes to this realization and respect the life of ALL other members of God’s Kingdom, the higher the vibrational frequency can be infused into the DNA of the soul.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in this Spiritual Play Ground of Life, who you are and why you are here. You are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely. Respect one another, as we are all ONE. Many souls are in different stages of their Ascension process and their immature, selfish demeanor may not resonate with you. However, this is also part of your training, to be accepting, understanding, compassionate, patient and forgiving to one another.

We will discuss the Purpose of Life in our next communication.

The Golden Ones