43rd Teaching – Oct 2016

The Purpose of Life

We have told you that every soul here on Earth is participating in a Spiritual Training Class to become a Co-Creator God. In your classrooms on Earth, some souls do not realize they are students and still strive very diligently with a desire to do their best. Some souls just strive to take life as it comes and enjoy themselves in all that they do.  Some souls are party animals, living in the moment, meeting their responsibilities only when it threatens their survival.  Then  there are souls living in each moment just to survive. In this Spiritual Training Classroom, there is only one grade and that is Ascension. You either pass and Ascend or you continue the birth, death and rebirth cycle. We are telling you this now in preparing your consciousness for graduation. Up until now you have been told many things about the purpose of life through your religions. However, your religions have told you tales of heaven and hell to keep you in a fear conscious environment. There are no sins, just learning lessons. There is no hell, just the torment you feel in your being when you wrong another. There is no heaven, just the place you are when you express love from your being and you uplift the spirit of another. The Love you feel for yourself is your Heaven. The knowingness that you live each moment in a conscious awareness of thinking, speaking and taking the right action in every moment is your main purpose of life, this is Heaven.

The secondary purpose of Life is to truly understand your connection to the Divine. Within each soul is the capability to become a Co-Creator God. Learn to utilize the gifts which are available to you. Strive to be the best in all you do. You may ask how do I know what gifts are available to me? We will tell you, whatever you think God is, you are. God does not settle for second best. God is not afraid or fears anything. God always gives and never takes. God respects and accepts all souls as they are; not only souls, but all life. All Nature is God’s Kingdom. God cares for ALL of life with compassion, understanding and support, mentally, emotionally and physically. God also accepts responsibility for all of His creations.  Take responsibility for all of your experiences, even if you do not understand the cause.  These are opportunities preparing you for your Ascension.

A third purpose of life is to be aware of your responsibilities and understand how your responsibilities affect others. What you consume in your body affects not only the longevity of your existence but also the quality of the DNA of your children. As you are created in the image and likeness of God, your children will also be created in the image and likeness of you. The quality of what you consume into your body will affect the quality of the body of your children. The quality of your personal nature, the love you have for self, your patience, understanding and compassion for others will be a teaching for your children, positive or negative.

The responsibility you have towards your employer will affect how prosperous you will be and this will affect your responsibility towards your family. By meeting your employer’s needs, you will fulfill your family’s needs.

The responsibility you have towards your family will affect the wellbeing of your relationship with them and their development as a Co-Creator God, whether they are aware of this or not, you will know.

The responsibility you have towards self will also affect the wellbeing of your loved ones.   Being responsible for the quality of food and drink consumed and the physical fitness and rest of your being will have a direct effect on your personal relationship with your spouse and meeting her physical needs.

Your religions know the secrets of intimate relationships and how being intimate enhances the Spiritual development of the soul. It is the male’s responsibility to ensure his female partners has as many orgasm as she desires for her Spiritual development. The experience of the orgasm for a female creates a healing effect in the body by clearing blocked chakras and also works to open the Crown Chakra to allow for higher frequencies to vibrate in the soul’s DNA, which raises the conscious awareness of the soul.

The male’s responsibility is to channel his semen inwardly up the spine to nourish his brain and vital organs with the semen as well as activate his Crown Chakra.   Releasing his semen is intended for procreation.  The few seconds of ecstasy in releasing the semen does not compare to the hours of ecstasy in giving pleasure to your partner, discipline is a key in the Ascension procession.  So you can see how vital it is for the male to be responsible for the quality of loving his being with quality food, drink, rest, discipline and exercise as his actions affect not only the quality of his being but fulfilling the needs of his Loved Ones.

The female’s responsibility is to establish trust, provide respect, demonstrate faithfulness, nurturing, encouragement, support, truthfulness and mindfulness to prevent neglected in areas of joint responsibility.

In being consciously aware of executing the soul’s responsibilities, the soul will innately be taught of the Laws of Nature and the Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL life in God’s many Kingdoms. We have told you there is only One Mind, the Mind of God and all souls are connected to the Mind of God. The Mind of God is constantly communicating with all life forms in all moments. As the soul is consciously aware of executing their responsibilities in a diligent manner, the soul will be taught patience, understanding, compassion, truthfulness, faithfulness, trust and many other qualities of God’s characteristics which will be inherently embedded in the soul’s Akashic Record.  All this will be done with subtle promptings from the Mind of God as thoughts to each soul who is consciously listening.

Many of the souls on Earth in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School are already aware of these responsibilities but may lack the dedication to be diligent in every moment. We will tell you soon the time for graduation will be here. Soon the Golden Age will be here on Earth, where the birth, death and rebirth cycle will no longer be necessary. Earth has already transition into the 5th Dimension reality on 21 December 2012 when your solar system completed its journey of 25,920 miles around the Galactic Center. There are many souls waiting to come to Earth who have already earned the right to Ascend; but, the conditions on Earth have not been cleansed of the souls who are still living in a 3rd Dimension reality and have not earned the privilege of coexisting with those souls seeking to experience life accordingly with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in this Spiritual Play Ground of Life, who you are and why you are here. You are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely. Respect one another, as we are all ONE. Many souls are in different stages of their Ascension process and their immature, selfish demeanor may not resonate with you. However, this is also part of your training, to be accepting, understanding, compassionate, patient and forgiving to one another.

The Golden Ones