44th Teaching – Nov 2016

The I AM Moment

We have mentioned previously that time is a concept developed by humans on EARTH. In the Spiritual Training environment on Earth there is no such thing as time just cycles. The cycle from moment to moment, called a second and sixty seconds called a minute. The cycle for the Earth to make one rotation, called a day. The cycle for the moon to rotate around the Earth, called a lunar month. The cycle for the Earth to rotate around the Sun, called a year. The cycle of the four seasons, called Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter; and, the cycle of birth and death, called a lifetime. There are many more cycles, some more meaningful than others but all very important. However, the most meaningful and important moment is the I AM moment. The moment when the soul is conscious at this very moment, the I AM moment, is the most important moment of the soul’s existence. The I AM moment is the moment which determines the future of the soul.

We have told you it makes no difference who the soul was in a previous lifetime. It makes no difference how famous a soul was, how rich, how poor, how smart, how intelligent, whether the soul was male or female, how strong or how weak mentally or physically. The only importance of a lifetime is how the soul played their role. Was the soul kind, compassionate, responsible, truthful, trustworthy, honest, loving, disciplined and many other possible God characteristic which could have been developed along with the right use of knowledge, called wisdom. This is one reason why souls cannot remember previous lifetimes. Until a soul learns to live in the I AM moment, then the soul will always experience the birth, death and rebirth cycle process.

The I AM moment is the moment of Creation. It is not the moment of living in the past, feeling fear, guilty, depressed, unloved for self for previous actions or being a victim controlled by another for whatever reason. The I AM moment is the moment of Creation. The soul must be thinking, “what have I learned from previous moments to make this I AM moment the most important moment for the rest of my present lifetime, no matter how long this lifetime will be.” It is not a moment of thinking, “if I do this then maybe this will happen.” No, the I AM moment is the moment when the soul, without thinking, takes the Right action in the moment without concerned for consequences. The soul must responds to life’s experiences automatically to take the right action from a feeling of love, compassion, responsibility or any other of the many God characteristics the soul may be in the process of perfecting.

We share this teaching with you now, as we know there are many souls unaware of how precious the I AM moment is to their future and unaware on how to use this I AM moment. As simple as the teaching is for the I AM moment, it can be difficult for the soul to be in this I AM moment. If completely understood and comprehended, it will change the vibration and frequency of the soul immediately.

The DNA of the soul has 46 chromosomes. To end the birth, death and rebirth cycle, each soul must complete the rewiring of their DNA to accommodate 48 chromosomes. Low frequency thoughts of fears, guilt, doubts, depression vibrate at a very low frequency and activates less than half of the chromosomes in their DNA. High frequency thoughts of love, compassion, truthfulness, being responsible and other God characteristics vibrates at a high frequency, which activates all the chromosomes within the DNA. When all the chromosomes are consistently vibrating at a higher rate of frequencies, it allows the capacity of the DNA to tolerate even higher vibrational frequencies, which over time, allows for the mutation of additional chromosomes to be added to the DNA. This is like the caterpillar to butterfly mutation process which takes place in Nature.

Do not be concerned regarding previous actions taken in this lifetime. Universal Mind knows of your previous actions and your previous actions are not as important as the I AM moment. Universal Mind will orchestrate Life Experiences for each soul based on the soul’s previous actions and life’s experiences for each soul will be manifested in this moment, the I AM moment, which will determine the soul’s future life experiences.

The Earth has already transitioned into the 5th Dimension consciousness, which took place on 21 December 2012, when the Earth’s Solar System completed its journey around the Galactic Center. Now that the Earth is vibrating at a higher frequency, the souls on Earth must also vibrate at a higher frequency. Souls, practices, concepts, teachings and principles currently vibrating on Earth at a lower frequency will be replaced, very soon. We tell you this to prepare you for the Ascension Process. Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL, are executed based on the I AM moment.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in this Spiritual Play Ground of Life, who you are and why you are here. You are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely. Respect one another, as we are all ONE. Many souls are in different stages of their Ascension process and their immature, selfish demeanor may not resonate with you. However, this is also part of your training, to be accepting, understanding, compassionate, patient and forgiving to one another in every I AM moment.

The Golden Ones