46th Teaching – Jan 2017

The Initiation

We tell you Earth is a Spiritual Hierarchy Training School for the sole purpose of preparing each soul who comes here to become a Co-Creator God. Before you came to Earth, each soul was guided by Universal Mind and the Heart of God, this was called Paradise. The soul was cared and nurtured with Divine Love without fears and trepidations of what was to come, living in the I AM Moment.

When the soul decided to serve God with the soul’s Divine Love, the soul decided to come to Earth to become a Co-Creator God and this is when the Initiation begin. The soul, or The Initiate, received access to his own Conscious Mind and received the gift of Free Will. This allowed The Initiate to think for itself and learn discernment, the metaphor of Adam and Eve realizing they were naked upon leaving the Garden of Eden. In preparation to become a Co-Creator God, The Initiate must learn all aspect of God through life’s experiences, learning the wisdom from Universal Mind to the individual Conscious Mind of The Initiate.

The Initiate must experience all stages of God through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of creation through life’s experiences as The Initiate evolves through the stages of Ego Self, Spiritual Man to the Co-Creator God, symbolized through the metaphor of eating the apple from the Tree of Knowledge. We will tell you that The Initiate is still being cared and nurtured by Divine Love and guided through his connection with Universal Mind and the Heart of God, but The Initiate’s Conscious Mind has yet to grasp this connection until The Initiate has come into the Oneness with God’s Creation and is in the stage development of Spiritual Man.

Once The Initiate begins taking responsibility for the reality of the life’s experience being manifested in The Initiate’s life, The Initiate is unaware of their God given abilities. Universal Mind orchestrates all aspects of The Initiate’s life experiences and Universal Mind is constantly guiding The Initiate through thoughts; however, until The Initiate learns to listen to the thoughts of Universal Mind, which are on a different frequency brain wave from The Initiate’s own Conscious Mind generated brain waves, it will be a continuation of Cause and Effect of life’s experiences for The Initiate.

The Initiation is responsible for their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development whether they are conscious of this or not. Eventually, The Initiate will become conscious of the Law of Cause and Effect and will start make conscious decisions which will affect The Initiate’s life experiences in a positive manner. Normally, this occurs in The Initiate’s development stage as The Initiate evolves from Ego self to Spiritual Man. The Initiate will take responsibility for what is consumed in the body, their loving thoughts, their emotional stability and their spiritual development. The birth, death and rebirth cycle is a process of teaching and protecting The Initiate from creating too much negative karma through ignorance. Once The Initiate takes responsibility for their thoughts and feelings, the birth, death and rebirth cycle is altered by Universal Mind as it relates to orchestration of The Initiate’s development process.

As The Initiate evolves in conscious awareness of their Oneness with God and creations, The Initiate becomes more attuned to the developments taking place within their own soul development. As we have mentioned in previous teachings, the transitioning of 47 to 48 chromosomes in The Initiate’s DNA, ending the birth, death and rebirth cycle, is the sole responsibility of each Initiate’s conscious actions of using Love and Wisdom in making conscious decisions in their life’s experiences. Comprehending the purpose of The Initiate’s role in this Spiritual Hierarchy Training School, The Initiate takes on the Co-Creator God consciousness of consciously being aware of every thought in their own Conscious Mind and consciously taking actions based on Love and Wisdom, the same as if God was to make these decisions.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in this Spiritual Play Ground of Life, who you are and why you are here. You are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely. Respect one another, as we are all ONE. Many souls are in different stages of their Ascension process and their immature, selfish demeanor may not resonate with you. However, this is also part of your training, to be accepting, understanding, compassionate, patient and forgiving to one another in every I AM moment.

The Golden Ones