49th Teaching – Apr 2017

The Teacher Within

Our previous teaching recommended, “If you want to learn about the secrets of the Universe, the only teacher you need to listen to, is the teacher within.”  Study what you call Mother Nature, the Nature Kingdoms of God.

All kingdoms of God are guided by the Heart and Mind of God.  The Insect Kingdom, Plant Kingdom and Animal Kingdoms work together to assist in providing food, protection, fertilization, irrigation, pollination, growth and development for each other.  We have told you, before you came to Earth, you too, were also guided by the Heart and Mind of God.  In your stories of Adam and Eve, they were blissful in the Garden of Paradise, until they ate from the Tree of Knowledge.  Coming to Earth to train to become a Co-Creator of God is eating from the Tree of Knowledge.  As Eve was tempted by the snake, you too will be tempted in every moment.  You are here to learn the wisdom of the Universe by experiencing life here on Earth and transmuting all the knowledge from the Tree of Knowledge into Wisdom as a Co-Creator God.

These kingdoms are governed by the Heart and Mind of God as they work in harmony, balance, order and unity with one another for the good of ALL.  The Kingdom of man is a preliminary kingdom to the Kingdom of God and is learning to operate within the Laws of Nature and the Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the greatest good of ALL.  Each kingdom has within their kingdoms, unique individual characteristic disciplines, which makes them vital to their individual kingdom and provides a uniqueness which also provides a harmony and balance to the overall composition all the kingdoms.

For example, the termite has a tremendous responsibility in maintaining a balance in the regulation of the decomposition of trees.  However, we know that the natural existence of the termites is in their natural habitat, decomposition of wood in Nature.  Much can be learned by observing the termite on its own.  Termites are not a welcome visitor in the home, but they serve their purpose as an instrument and tool of Universal Law.  All virus and bacteria have their purpose and a place for them in Nature and is also a tool which serves the purpose of Universal Law.  All life comes from God and it is this Oneness, which the Kingdom of Man MUST understand.

All life comes from God, even destructive energies.  As you can see by the termite, it has a great responsibility in its natural environment.  Souls in training, here on Earth, also have a tremendous responsibility in learning from the Tree of Knowledge and transmuting this knowledge into wisdom through life’s experiences.  What separates man from becoming a conscious soul aware of training as a Co-Creator God, is PURPOSE.  A question each soul must ask themselves is, “What is my Purpose?”  If your purpose is for self-gratification, then you are not consciously aware and in ailment with your soul’s purpose.  Where in Nature does any of a unique individual element of any of the many kingdoms survives when they are not in their own element, they don’t.  Even a termite, although used as an instrument or tool of Universal Law may operate and exist in a home, eventually, it will not survive there.  Man will never survive the birth, death and rebirth cycle unless they ascend in their understanding of their soul’s purpose.

When a soul becomes consciously aware of their soul’s purpose of Oneness with all God’s Kingdoms and align their individual motivational energies with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL, then and only then, will the soul began to finish the DNA wiring of their physical structure and overcome the cycle of birth, death and re-birth.  Even a mosquito has the right to life, in their own natural environment.

Yes, each soul has Free Will; but, unless the soul is to become consciously aware of soul’s purpose and align their motivational energies in each I AM Moment with all of God’s Kingdoms, then the soul is still motivated by the ego or self-gratification process.  The Heart and Mind of God is in constant communications with each soul in every I AM Moment and it is in this moment that the soul creates their future.

Your training environment is purposely designed to challenge each soul in every moment through Life’s experiences, to find the soul’s weakest character flaw and to give the soul the opportunity to realign their purpose.  We know there are souls here in training who are in different stages of understanding their soul’s purpose and succumb to the temptation of sensual desires, but they are learning in each moment as you are learning.  Each soul’s training is unique and the failure of some souls is to follow the path of other purposeless souls.  We are training Co-Creator Gods, not followers.  Each soul MUST align themselves with the Heart and Mind of the Oneness of God and ALL God’s Kingdom, to be aware of soul’s purpose, consciously in every I AM Moment if the soul is to be successful.

You are never alone, we are with you in every step of your path whether you are aware of this or not.  In any moment, you can reach out within your mind and communicate with us, we will respond, we are always listening.  You will learn how we communicate with you, never give up just because you have not understood the subtleness in the ways we communicate.  This too is part of the learning, to understand the different tools and instruments available to you from all the kingdoms, which we provide on a moment to moment bases, if necessary, depending on your requirements.  When you feel you are alone, we are allowing you to become independent and grow into your God characteristics of faith and trust, you are never alone.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in this Spiritual Play Ground of Life, who you are and why you are here.  You are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.  Respect one another, as we are all ONE.  Many souls are in different stages of their Ascension process and their immature, selfish and greedy demeanor may not resonate with you.  However, this is also part of your training, to be accepting, understanding, compassionate, patient and forgiving to one another in every I AM Moment.

The Golden Ones