51st Teaching – Jun 2017

The Creation Process

On December 21, 2012, your solar system completed a journey around the Galactic Center, a trip of 25,920 years, approximately 2,160 years in each Zodiac sign.  With the completion of this journey, which the Mayans refer to as the end of one of their calendar, it signified the transition of Earth from the 3rd to the start of the 5th Dimension in consciousness reality. Now that the Earth is in the 5th Dimension Consciousness, all souls on Earth must also align their conscious vibration and resonate to this 5th Dimension Consciousness or transition to another 3rd Dimension Consciousness planet.  Sometime soon, during this new orbit around the Galactic Center, the souls on Earth will enter The Golden Age, where the birth, death and re-birth cycle will end.  Once souls come into this conscious awareness of the Oneness of creation and consciously work for the betterment of mankind and the planet, there will be no need to experience death.

There is no quick way to transition into 5th Dimension Consciousness. Wisdom is learned through life’s experiences.  No soul will goes to bed at night only thinking about self-gratification and wake up the next day as an Ascended Master.  The training environment on Earth is designed to only graduate those souls who have lived in alignment with Universal Laws and Principles of harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL, which we refer to as Oneness Consciousness.

This training environment is designed for the soul to experience every phase of consciousness from being an Ego Being to a Co-Creator God Being.  Initially, the soul experiencing the Ego Being consciousness will be satisfying self, by experiencing sensual pleasures from all aspects of life for their own personal satisfaction.  Along with pleasing their sensual nature, feelings of selfishness, greed, fears of many natures, arrogance, laziness and abuse of others will also be experienced.  This is natural for souls to initially feel and act like this as these are aspects of God’s Characteristics.  As a Co-Creator God, the soul must experience all facets and aspects of God and develop a discipline consciousness which will eventually guide the soul to becoming a Co-Creator God Being.  Knowing that the soul will experience all these sensual pleasures and undisciplined actions, temptation will always be part of the soul’s training to ensure there are no flaws in the developing nature of the Co-Creator God Being when ascension time comes.  During the initial training development of the soul, many aspect of the soul’s training program will be based on the karma created and the effect on the soul’s Light Body.  When the Golden Light String Filaments on a soul’s Light Body is filled with Doubts, Fears and Guilt, these feelings create a gooey substance which prevents the Light Body from resonating and vibrating to the frequency of a Co-Creator God Being.

It is extremely important for the soul to be aware in every moment of their Thoughts and Feelings.  Any unloving Thought or Feeling in a judgement manner relating to another soul must be removed from the soul’s Light Body.  Any irritating Thought or Feeling of judgement regarding a soul, a place, an experience must be removed from the soul’s Light Body.  Understand that this training environment on Earth represents the Kingdoms of God.  If there is any uneasiness in the Thoughts or Feelings of the soul while having a life’s experience in God’s Kingdom, then these are Emotional Parasites and must be removed from the soul’s Light Body.  A soul must master this 5th Dimension Consciousness training environment on Earth before ascending to higher dimensions.  By mastering their Thoughts and Feelings through awareness and discipline, the soul will also become aware on how quickly their creation process will speed up and their Desires will manifest much faster and in harmony with the soul’s reality.

In the Creation Process, it is the Conscious mind which creates and brings matter into manifestation, from the etheric level to the physical level.  However, the Conscious Mind can only hold one thought at a time. The training environment is purposely planted with all types of sensual distractions and Emotional Parasites to teach the soul how to manifest and discipline the Conscious Mind.  The soul’s sensual nature is activated through expected experiences of sex, drugs, alcohol, money and position, so it is easy for the soul to concentrate on fulfilling their sensual desires through Desire, Visualization, Feelings and Speaking the Word.  As the soul evolves, the desire to fulfill the fantasies of the Ego Being loses motivation as the soul is no longer finding fulfilling the sensual nature of the Ego Being satisfying.  The soul recognizes their soul’s needs are not be fulfilled.

The Creation process happens so quickly that the soul is not aware of the process.  So, the first step is Desire.  What is it the soul wants to experience?  The next step is Visualization.  What plans is the soul preparing in his mind through Visualization and how the soul plans to fulfill his Desire?  The third step is Feelings.  What is the soul Feeling when the soul sees in their Mind’s Eye the realization of their Desires being fulfilled?  The last step is when the soul comes to the realization that they can bring their Desires into manifestation and makes a commitment, either verbally or mentally that they will work to bring their Desires into manifestation.  The Creation Process is the same throughout the soul’s training development and in higher dimensions.   Doubts, Fears and Guilt are the pitfalls of the manifestation process and why soul’s Desires are never fulfilled.  Doubts, Fears and Guilt are three Feelings which prevent the fourth step from taking place.  Since the Conscious Mind can only hold one conscious thought at a time, when the soul is ready to make the commitment to bring their Desires into manifestation, the soul’s conscious mind starts to entertain Feelings of Doubts, Fears and Guilt and never completes the commitment process.  The soul may have Feelings and thoughts that maybe the soul does not deserve their creation reality.  Fear of rejection, Fear of failure and any Doubt, Fear or Guilt which will cancel the Creation Process by replacing the thoughts and Feeling of commitment to thoughts and feeling of failure.

The soul will eventually learn that Doubt, Fear and Guilt Feelings are illusions and Emotional Parasite, sucking the creative energy from the soul.  There are two ways to overcome these obstacles and one way is walking through these illusions or confronting them.  The other way is The Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites. The sooner the soul removes as many of these Emotional Parasites from their Light Body, the sooner their Light Body will start to resonate with the vibrational frequency of a Co-Creator God Being.

As we mentioned in our last teaching, the soul has the responsibility to finish the wiring within their DNA.  When the soul takes responsibility for removing these Emotional Parasites from their Light Body, many changes will happen instantaneously.  First, the soul will feel better, have more confidence and their Creation Process will bring more Desires into manifestation.  By the soul feeling better, the soul will generate an increase of good will to his surroundings.  By creating good will, the soul will automatically improve the vibrational frequency of their DNA.  This will eventually allow for the DNA to endure higher vibrational frequencies leading to the finishing wiring of their DNA.

Constantly remind yourself as you play in this Spiritual Play Ground of Life, who you are and why you are here.  You are Co-Creator Gods in training based on your dedicated love and service to God, completely.  Respect one another, as we are all ONE.  Many souls are in different stages of their Ascension process and their immature, selfish and greedy demeanor may not resonate with you.  However, this is also part of your training, to be accepting, understanding, compassionate, patient and forgiving to one another in every I AM Moment.

The Golden Ones