A Christmas Message

Loved Ones, within each of you, buried deeply, are ALL the God Characteristics of the Creator. These characteristics are like waves of frequencies, with full spectrum from low to high. For example, the frequency feeling of Love which is registered at the highest end of the frequency wavy also has the frequency feeling of hate at the lower end of the frequency wave. Your life’s challenges are designed for each soul to experience the full spectrum of these God Characteristic, both the low and the high so each soul comprehends and with Free Will, chooses which aspects of the frequency they desire to manifest in their reality.

To understand how a homeless person feels, life’s challenges may create a need for a soul to experience this lifestyle.  To understand how to handle the riches of the world in a Godly fashion, life’s challenges may need to create for a soul to experience this type of lifestyle.  Experiencing either lifestyle does not make one soul more valuable in the Heart or Mind of the Creator God, it is how the soul responds to life’s challenges which is important.  As in a movie script, it is not what role you play but how you play your role. 

Knowing that the Creator God manifests all Life in many different forms, we are all related to the Creator God, whether you are a human, plant, animal, insect, angel or any other form, we are ALL connected to the Heart and mind of Creator God.  During this holiday season, be mindful of your thoughts, feelings and compassion as we interact and share with ALL our sisters and brothers in life.  We will tell you a good hearty meal will satisfy the body for a day; but, an act of kindness will feed your soul for lifetimes to come.

Be mindful of your role in this Training Environment here on Earth, orchestrated and blessed by the Galactic Council and enforced by the Heart and Mind of the Universal Oneness of Life.  Each soul is learning the full spectrum of God’s Characteristics in their life’s experiences, be compassion for one another.  Nothing goes unnoticed and every ounce of respect, appreciation, compassion and love is acknowledged and rewarded immediately with nourishment for your soul.

The precious gifts and material possessions which you may acquire will fade away eventually, giving only temporary peace of mind.  But the Love you share with others from your heart will sustain your soul FOREVER.

Again, remind yourself of who you are and your purpose here on Earth.  We ALL are sisters and brother in the ONENESS of Life, in training, working towards our Ascension, dedicating our existence in service to our Creator God, with our whole heart, mind, soul and body.

The Golden Ones