22nd Teaching – Nov 2014


As written, the last article was channeled by The Golden Ones and it was their last spiritual teaching, ending a compilation of twenty-one teachings in all. Now they want to expand on these teachings as it relates to the physical body and how to integrate their teachings, so we can stay consciously connected to Universal Mind through telepathic means.   This and future articles will explain how the physical body relates to and clarifies their teachings. It is by design and in accordance with Universal Laws and Principles that each of us understand our ONENESS with creation and are free to manifest as we desire.  However, the objective of this Spiritual Training environment is to realized internal self satisfaction and bliss only comes when we align our thoughts and feelings with Universal Laws and Principles. The work now is to ensure each of us has the tools and wisdom in the application of these tools.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Your DNA is made up of four elements of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen which consist of 64 amino acid codes. The DNA is an amplifier, which when vibrates, attracts the Quantum Particles of atoms and molecules which brings matter into manifestation. The more vibratory your DNA is the louder the amplification, the more frequency is produce which attracts the matter necessary to bring your manifestations into a reality. Only a small fraction of the amino acid codes in your DNA are “Turn-On”, approximately 20 of the 64 amino acid codes are active or “Turn-On.” What is causing such a low number of the amino acid codes within your DNA from not being “Turn-On” is most of souls are vibrating at a slower rate. There are two emotions which determines the vibratory rate of your DNA, LOVE and FEAR. LOVE has a very high and rapid vibratory rate while FEAR has a very long and low vibratory rate. By allowing FEAR to occupy your consciousness, you vibrate at a long and low rate, which skips over the amino acid codes. If you consciously replace the FEAR with LOVE in your consciousness, you would vibrate higher and more rapid, consciously activating more amino acid codes in your DNA, creating a frequency to attract more Quantum Particles of matter, which would quickly bring your manifestations and dreams into a reality.

This has been scientifically proven through the study of Cymatics. Cymatics is the study of sound or vibration when amplified produces a higher frequency. LOVE amplifies the amino acid codes in the DNA causing a higher vibratory rate which increases the frequency within the soul allowing the consciousness to attract more Quantum Particles than a soul vibrating out of a consciousness of FEAR.

This is the purpose of the Prayer to Remove Emotional Parasites on the website: www.thepathtooneness.com. By consciously removing these sabotaging thoughts and feelings, which are Emotional Parasites, from your Light Body, the less FEAR will be vibrating within your DNA. The more FEAR removed from your Light Body, the more rapid and higher vibratory rate you will become, which “Turn-On” more amino acids in your DNA. We will tell you that this understanding and process of the vibratory rate of the DNA is known by forces on Earth who consciously create FEAR to control the conscious of the masses for their own personal egoic reasons. We have also told you, Earth is a training ground for soul development and all sensual, evil and painful feelings are purposely placed here for you to overcome so you can develop God characteristics within your soul. Characteristics of compassion, patience, discipline, tolerance, peace, stillness, perseverance, love, respect, humbleness, harmony, balance, order and unity for the good of ALL, just to name a few. It is through the development of these God characteristics, you learn to overcome the FEAR vibration purposely manifested by the authority figures on Earth to control you. Rising above FEAR through the tools given to you will enable you to continue your development as a Co-Creator God.

In all areas of reality, it is mind which brings forth manifestation. Matter never gives birth to conscious organism, it’s impossible. It is consciousness that operates and manifests matter. All ENERGY obeys precise Universal Laws and Principles. Everything in life is ENERGY and the result of FREQUENCY. Based on the vibratory rate of the Frequency, determines what is manifested. Ancient geometrics patterns symbolize how energy flows and manifests itself based on the vibratory rate of the frequency.

You are Incredibly Powerful Beings and you have the ability to heal yourselves by truly believing in it.  You were designed to overcome all obstacles in this training environment, but you have to use all the tools available to you. These teachings are designed to give you the bases for your development and with your heart and mind, trusting your innate feelings on making the right choice in every moment.  Keep your Light Body free from sabotaging thoughts and feelings, which will keep your Light Body free from lower vibrating energies.   Understand how the DNA works tells you how each soul manifests their own reality and reinforces the principles of being LOVE in every moment.

Behavior is important and being conscious of your motivational desires behind each intent is necessary to discern if you are operating out of LOVE or inducing FEAR in others to achieve your goals. Remember the intent or motivational energy amplifies the frequency. Let’s amplify the Energy with LOVE which will increase the amplification of your Frequency. When life’s challenges come to you don’t say, “Why me?” Change your behavior and attitude to start saying, “What is the lesson my soul needs to learn from this experience?” You were designed with a Right and Left Brain. Right Brain denotes feminine, Yin feeling thought patterns and Left Brain denotes masculine, Yang logic thought patterns. Whole brain or holistic thinking, is bringing the Yin and the Yang, heart and mind together in your decision making. In consciously doing so, it will assist you in understanding the motivational or intent of the energy which amplifies the frequency of our DNA.

Always remember, you were created in the image and likeness of God and all life comes from God.  We all are children of God and we ALL are ONE, there is no separation from all forms of LIFE.  We all are deeply loved by God and it is this Love which sustains all creation, in every moment.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVgkL7cDUmU  – Healing Music 432HZ DNA REPAIR MODE (40 Minutes)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc4_xaWsQC4  – 528HZ DNA Frequency – Unlocking your CODONS ( DNA Nitrogen Amino Acid Code)