Tantra Education and Training

What is Tantra and how can it benefit me and my relationships?  Tantra is a spiritual discipline for men to channel their spiritual fluids, semen, up their spine to nourish their brain and internal organs.  By learning to channel their semen up their spine, they will always be able to maintain an erection, stimulate their Crown Chakra, nourish their internal organs, which prevents aging and not lose their passion to satisfy their Goddess.  Why is it important for Co-Creator Gods to be able to always maintain an erection?  The Co-Creator God always has to be prepared to satisfy the Co-Creator Goddess.  As explained to me by The Golden Ones, the Co-Creator Goddess needs to experience as many organisms as she desires, either facilitated by her Co-Creator God or by herself, which is necessary to amplify the frequency and development of the Crown Chakra.     It is the role of the Co-Creator God to always be prepared to satisfy his Goddess.  What happens to the Co-Creator God when he allows his semen to be released out of the body?  This vital spiritual fluid has all the potential nutrients to manifesting another human being.  This fluid is filled with protein and nutrients to sustain life, either internally or as in creating another Co-Creation.  When this fluid is released without purpose and just for pleasure, then all that is happening is the Co-Creator God is diminishing his storehouse of Spiritual Energy.  What happens to Co-Creator Gods who are unaware of not understanding the responsibility of allowing their spiritual semen fluid to be released unconsciously and for sensual pleasure?  When the spiritual semen fluid is released for sensual pleasure, it deprives the body of vital nutritional energy which will not be available to nourish the Co-Creator God’s body and prevent aging, nor stimulate the his Crown Chakra.  Also it diminishes the capability for him to satisfy and fulfills his Goddess’s desires.  When a Co-Creator God channels his spiritual semen fluid up the spine, his energy will not be depleted and if necessary after a few moment, he will be capability of continuing to satisfy his Goddess with an erect penis for as long as she needs to be satisfied.  It is the Co-Creator God’s responsibility to ALWAYS satisfy his Goddess, whether it is Physically, Mentally, Emotionally or Spiritually.

I started to become aware of Tantra in 1998.  In 2000, I was guide to travel to Peru and work with the Shamans of Peru.  It was during my first session of drinking the Shaman’s Drink called the Ayahuasca.  During an Ayahuasca Ceremony,  I was given a vision of the workings of the technique of Tantra within the bodies during a Love Session.  The vision showed a female’s Crown Chakra vibrating continuously as long as the male’s erection was maintained.  The vision also illustrated that the man’s Crown Chakra was also vibrating as long as he maintained the erection.  It took me several years of mastering the art and discipline of practicing Tantra.  Currently, I am in a very loving and passionate relationship.

I AM being guided to offer the education, for individuals to self train and discipline themselves in the use of Tantra.  Although it has taken me several years to master the technique and discipline of Tantra, I suspect with assistance and education, it will not take any students that long.  However, it does take plenty of practice either individually or together with a willing partner.

Please contact me for details in arranging some type of regular communications so we can establish a training program and monitoring system in overseeing your practice, be able to recommend suggestions and techniques to overcome any obstacles incurred.  Sometimes what needs to be overcome is a limitation of thinking, based on previous religious beliefs that sex is not approved by God.  This is where the educational and history of Tantra’s living styles in the past will be reviewed.

Contact me at:  pathtooneness@gmail.com to arrange for contact details.  Asking for a recommended donation of $100 for  on-going continuous education and training regardless on how long it takes.  No one turned away for lack of funds.